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can pet mice eat amlonds

Are Almonds Safe for mice? (Food & Nutrition for Mice)

Ludo is a beige pet mouse. You can find him nibbling away on a whole roasted almond on YouTube. He’s a cute little guy who’s happy and content to munch away on his almond that appears roasted. I came across this video when I was looking for more information on the types of nuts that […]

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Things You’ll Need When You Buy Pet Mice

10 Things You’ll Need When You Buy Pet Mice

Mice can make great pets. They are friendly, social, and active little creatures. With proper attention, they can be with you for about 3 years. Let’s look at 10 things that you’ll need when you buy pet mice. Balanced Diet Your mice will need food Your mice will need a variety of food to stay […]

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Pet mice eating

Can Mice Eat Hamster Food | Good and Bad foods for pet mice

Pet mice are such lovely little friends, aren’t they? It is such a delight watching them nibble on their food. However, mice have sensitive digestive systems. It is crucial that as a pet owner, you be watchful of what you feed your pet mouse.  Mice are omnivorous. Meats and plants are both fair game in […]

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pet mice eating

What do pet mice eat? Mice Diet Guide

What do pet mice eat? Check out this complete guide to pet mice food and diet for the answers to all of your questions. Mice are omnivorous. What that means is that they eat both meat and vegetation much the same way that people do.  Your pet mice should have a diet that includes store-bought […]

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can mice eat spinach

Can Mice Eat Spinach? Is it Good For Them?

One of the most adorable pets to have in your home from the rodent family is a mouse. If you’re an admirer of rodents, a mouse will be your best buddy. Friendly, active, and intelligent, pet mice can become great members of families. Can mice eat spinach? Similar to humans, mice are primarily omnivores. Mice […]

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mice and water bowl

Can Mice Drink From A Bowl? Should They Use A Bottle

Some larger animals, like cats and dogs, can use a water bowl effectively. When it comes to small animals, like mice, this is not so often the case. In fact, can mice drink from a bowl? Yes, But mice should not drink from a bowl, ideally.  Mice absorb water from their food and therefore don’t […]

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pet mouse eating an orange

Can Mice Eat Oranges? 10 Foods Mice Love to Eat

While mice can indeed consume many fruits and veggies, there are also several that must be avoided for their health, comfort and safety. We were asked recently if pet mice can eat oranges. So here’s the answer. Can mice eat oranges? Oranges are, in fact, are a food that you should avoid feeding to pet […]

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pet mice and peanut butter

11 Foods Your Pet Mouse Will Love ( Including Peanut butter )

When it comes to our mice, we all love nothing more than to treat them. Be it with lots of love and cuddles, toys, or tasty tidbits of food, we just can’t resist spoiling them. This often, however, is not a good thing despite our best intentions. The foods that they love and we give […]

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mice & cheese

Can Mice Eat Cheese? Myth or do they really like cheese?

Quick, what’s a mouse’s favourite food? If you said ‘cheese’, then congratulations, you’re part of the 98% of the population that believes that. Thanks to popular culture, many people assume that all mice love cheese. In fact, one of the most iconic and recognizable images of a mouse is a brown cartoon mouse standing, sitting, […]

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