Do Hamsters Like Music? Hamster Playlists & Music They Love!

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Despite their size, hamsters can be intelligent, sociable little fellows. They are highly alert, and reactive to noise and stimuli.

As a matter of fact, music is something that hamsters tend to like! Just make sure that the volume is suitably low.

You will want to take the genre into consideration as well. Some have been found to agitate hamsters, others to calm.

How they respond will also depend on the individual. What kind of music do you think your hamster might like?

Hamsters Love Classical Music

You may not be surprised to learn that hamsters enjoy a good classical song. Of all the music genres out there, classical is one of the most technical. The melodies are unique and complex. The instrumentals are clear and pure, and seldom use distortion or the like.

As a result, classical music entertains and lulls the senses, at the same time. For the highly-excitable hamster, this is rather ideal.

In fact, hamsters tend to like music that is instrumental and peaceful. This includes vocals and alternative. Music like this can even lull them to sleep as it helps them to relax.

Classical Is Popular Among Animals In General

Classical music is actually popular among all kinds of animals. The genre has been found to reduce their anxiety and help them relax.

This can aid them in coping with external stressors like thunderstorms, barking dogs, and the like.

Thanks to its soothing quality, classical music has even been found to reduce blood pressure, promote deep sleep, relieve pain, and more.

Any animal, hamster or otherwise, may benefit from having classical music introduced to them!

Do Hamsters Like Music?
Hamsters love classical music

Hamsters Can Be Stressed By Metal and Rock

Hamsters do not necessarily dislike metal and rock. Rather, fast-paced music such as this tends to cause them to become more active.

They may turn more agitated, or more playful.

Whether or not they seem to like these genres of music will depend on the individual. Sometimes, hamsters can be induced to fight by metal or rock.

In this case, you will definitely want to play something less aggravating for them.

Metal or Rock Can Be Okay For Playtime

Your hamster may be one to enjoy metal, rock, and the like. Upon playing these genres, some have noticed their hamsters become more lively, and begin to frisk.

They may start to become agitated, and even fight, in which case you will want to turn the music off.

Otherwise, your hamster may simply become more playful. If your hamster seems to like metal or rock, make sure to play it when there are toys and an exercise wheel available.

Your hamster probably will not want to hold still!

do hamsters like music?
Some hamsters get very excited when they listen to rock

Some Hamsters Like Pop Music

There have been cases where hamsters seemed to have a fondness for pop music. Most notably, 80’s pop; they seem to prefer whimsical tunes and beats that are catchy and simple.

When it comes to music like this, hamsters have not been found to react any particular way. Instead, it has come down to the individual.

Some hamsters find pop music energizing, some relaxing, and others do not seem to notice it at all.

Hamster Music Preference Depends On the Individual

As touched on above, how a hamster will respond to music is determined in part by the hamster in question. Some will pay attention to the sound, and even react in some way. For others, music may not be something they are even really aware of.

Hamsters that do listen to music tend to show some sort of musical preference. Play some different genres around them, and observe!

Hamsters Can Hear Extraordinarily Well

Did you know that hamsters have poor eyesight? To make up for this, their hearing is especially keen. This means that their ears are very sensitive.

When interacting with a hamster, you must make sure to be soft-spoken. You should never expose hamsters to loud noises, like barking, too-loud music, the TV, and so on.

Control The Volume

So, if you are going to play music or watch TV around your hamster, control the volume.

Keep the sound nice and low. Avoid high, piercing sounds or sudden, guttural ones; these are likely to give your gentle pet a scare.

To help reduce noise, place your hamster cage far away from the music player or TV.

Never keep a hamster cage in the main room where there will be noise from people, pets, too-loud music, or the TV.

Do Hamsters Like Music? Hamster Playlists & Music They Love! 1
Control the volume levels

Hamsters May Associate Music With Their People

Some people have noticed that their hamsters seem to associate the sound of music with them. This makes sense, as, clearly, they do not listen to music on their own time.

You may notice that your hamster gets excited when you turn your music on; this could be because they are happy you are back!

The Best Hamster Playlists Out There

If you are thinking of playing some music for your hamster, there are countless options to choose from. Some have been met with wide success by guinea pigs, and are therefore especially popular.

For your listening pleasure, and that of your little pet, some of the top hamster playlists are listed below.

  • Playlist for calm. Most hamsters favor quiet, soothing music, like that here:
  • With their sensitive ears, hamsters hate loud noise. They find it frightening, and fireworks are no exception. This 4th of July or New Year, play some pleasant tunes like this to distract them.
  • Playlist for anxiety. As prey animals, some hamsters naturally experience a lot of anxiety. Music like this can help them ease up and relax.
  • Wintertime playlist. Sometimes, in the colder months, hamsters will get depressed or restless. Soothing music like this is a great way for them to cope.

Conclusion: Do Hamsters like music?

Not only do hamsters like music, but it can even be beneficial for them. The primary purpose of music for hamsters is to promote calm.

For this, classical, instrumental, and certain alternative music is ideal. Simply make sure that the music is at a nice, low volume.

At playtime, you can also let your hamster listen to more fast-paced music, such as rock, electronic, or metal. The music preferences of hamsters depend on the individual.

Spend some time listening to some tunes with your hamster, and with a bit of observation, you are sure to learn what they like.

This can be a great way to enhance the wellbeing of your hamster, bond with them, and have some fun!

So, Do hamsters like music? They certainly do!

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