How Far Can a Parrot Fly? ( Distances and Timescales )

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If you have an interest in the environment and animals, you will have probably seen some of the popular nature documentaries that showcase things like mass migration in birds and found it quite interesting.

You could be an owner of a Parrot and wonder if Parrots do this and how far exactly it is that Parrots can fly? Within this article, we are sure to let you know just how far a Parrot can fly, so stick around if you would like to know more.

Length of Flight in Parrots

Although it may be a very simple question, the answer to how far a Parrot can fly can be quite different depending on a number of things.

The type of Parrot, where it lives, how much it has to eat and the size of the bird all make a difference to the distance that each type of Parrot can fly.

There are many different types of Parrot that need different amounts of nutrition from their environments and so some will have to travel more than others in order to see this need for nutrition met.

Parrots can fly from as far as hundreds of miles at once, right down to journeys that are only tens of miles at a time. For example, Macaws and Cockatoos will travel and search for food in the range of just a few tens of miles every day, whereas a Thick-billed Parrot is known to travel nearly 80 miles in a single flight.

Why is it that Parrots fly so differently?

In the wild, Parrots do not hide food in safe places for another day (like a squirrel might for instance) and instead will forage for fresh food every day.

Depending on their environment and how much energy they need from their food, they may have to go greater distances than another kind of Parrot might in order for their needs to be fulfilled.

Budgies will often travel in huge flocks and have been known to send scouts out to follow Kangaroos and other such animals in the Australian wilds to find areas with food sources and return this information to their flock.

flock of parrots

This is due to the fact they are ground feeders and Kangaroos will often come across places with grass seed around as they search for water.

As they are smaller birds than something like a Macaw, they need less food to fulfill their dietary needs. Macaws will often travel great distances in a day to find their food, up to 100 miles in fact.

They will visit anywhere from 25 to 50 different locations, with varying distances between them in search of food.

In times of migration, you will also find that some Parrots will fly for distances of up to 200-300 miles over a few days to reach a new location for the spring. Sometimes these birds will fly for close to 100 miles at a time.

It is also worth noting that during their journeys, they will be not only flying from one location to another, but change altitudes during their flights due to weather and locations of food, so this can make a flight that could seem to be only 20 miles to actually be quite a bit longer.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the question of how far can a Parrot fly actually has quite a few different answers. Depending on the type of Parrot, what they need from their diet, and where they live, there can be a range of distances – from as little as tens of miles to hundreds of miles.

Hopefully, this article has been useful in answering your question on how far Parrots can fly and has given you some helpful information on the flight of Parrots.

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