backyard chicken

Keeping Backyard Chickens | 7 Pros & Cons to consider

Getting some chickens sounds like an amazing idea and can provide a real slice of the agrarian lifestyle in even the most urban of environments. However, before you take the plunge and get your muck boots and grain bucket, it is well worth pausing considering whether keeping backyard chickens are a good fit for your […]

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women holding a baby rabbit

How to Tell How Old a Baby Rabbit Is? Age, Size, and Weight

Are you wondering how old a store-bought bunny is? Or one that you caught in the wild? Before adopting a wild rabbit, you may wish to double-check that they are truly no longer with their mother. Sometimes, she is nearby, taking a few-hour break. Newborn rabbits weigh 1-1.5 Ounces, at 2-3 weeks baby rabbits will […]

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rabbit in a cage

What To Put In The Bottom Of A Rabbit Cage |5 Best Solutions

When it comes to what to put in the bottom of a rabbit cage, there is something you will want to be aware of. This is that rabbit feet are extraordinarily sensitive. To protect their delicate feet from undue strain, the proper flooring is imperative. Otherwise, your rabbit is sure to experience discomfort and pain. […]

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hamster crying

Do hamsters cry? ( Read this study )

When you are taking care of a pet, their comfort and wellbeing mean the world to you, so it is vital to learn how animals like hamsters communicate, especially if they are in pain or distress.  Learning to understand their noises and movements can help prevent any serious conditions and generally improve their wellbeing. Is […]

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How To Safely Clean Your Rabbit's Feet

How To Safely Clean Your Rabbit’s Feet

Rabbits are incredibly clean animals and you will find that they maintain themselves most of the time. However, for whatever reason, you may find that your rabbits feet sometimes become stained and dirty and your pet can’t manage the clean themselves. It is essential to keep in mind that rabbits are very delicate animals and […]

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can rabbits eat walnuts

Can Rabbits Eat Walnuts?

The diet of a rabbit is pretty simple; plenty of fresh hay and a few choice veggies as a treat. In truth, rabbits don’t even need these vegetables since they can quite healthily survive on hay alone. However, pet owners like to offer their bunnies a varied diet and this is fine as long as […]

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How many perches should be in a birdcage?

If you have settled on the ideal cage for your pet bird, now is the time to figure out how to furnish and equip it so that your feathered friend can really thrive in their new home.  One of the key items you will need to install in your pet birds cage will be perches. […]

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group of gerbils

Why Do Gerbils Kill Each Other?

Yes, that teeny-tiny tidbit of information your pet store employee dropped while you’re picking out a gerbil is true. Gerbils can kill each other. But why do gerbils kill each other? In short, gerbils can kill each other because there is nowhere for the victim to escape a fight. Fights happen all the time with […]

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Where do Gerbils Come From? 1

Where do Gerbils Come From?

It’s pretty interesting learning about how your pets became a domesticated animal that was once only a wild animal. We’re all familiar with the idea that household dogs are domesticated wolves, but where do gerbils come from? Gerbils originated in Asia and Africa. The most popular gerbil was found in a steppe in Mongolia, was […]

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Why Do Gerbils Thump Their Feet? 2

Why Do Gerbils Thump Their Feet?

It can be pretty scary watching your gerbil stand on their back legs and make loud sounds when they jump. It can get scarier when the entire cage starts doing it, but you don’t understand why. Why do gerbils thump their feet? The main reason gerbils thump their feet is to warn other gerbils about […]

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Do Gerbils Need A Wheel?

Do Gerbils Need A Wheel? ( Read before buying one )

Setting up an enclosure for a new pet is exciting! You probably already know the basics; food dish, water bottle, bedding, and shelters, but what about a wheel? Do gerbils need a wheel? Yes, gerbils need a lot of exercise, and a wheel is an easy way to get them active. It’s important to buy […]

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Gerbil Size vs Hamster Size

Gerbil Size vs Hamster Size ( List of Rodent Sizes )

Knowing the size of a pet is a very important piece of information before you adopt a new friend. So many people buy dogs based on a size that suits their lifestyle, but what about on a smaller scale? What is the size difference between a hamster and a gerbil? Hamsters, in general, are larger […]

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gerbil vs mouse

Gerbil vs Mouse: Which is the Best Pet?

Choosing the right pet is hard, and it becomes a harder choice when you aren’t sure what the difference is between animals. Gerbils and mice, for example, seem like they’d be the same sort of pet. Here we’ll help you decide which is the best pet, a gerbil or a mouse? It’s not an answer […]

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pet store

How Much Do Gerbils Cost? ( Complete breakdown )

Gerbils are relatively cheap pets. Even with all of their shelters, bedding,  toys, and food they are still much cheaper than a dog, cat, bird, or serpent. Well, how much do gerbils cost? Gerbils themselves cost between $5 and $40 each. The initial cost for everything you need can be anywhere from $200 to $250, […]

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two gerbils

Common Gerbil Allergy Symptoms

Keeping your pet gerbils healthy and safe is the number one responsibility you have as a pet owner. Knowing what symptoms to look for is a great place to start. What are the common gerbil allergy symptoms? Gerbils have allergies just like humans. Signs of allergies can include a runny nose, coughing, and sneezing. While […]

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