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best small talking birds

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Small birds are inarguably extra-cute. What’s more, some of them can mimic words and even phrases. Just know that any bird must have heaps of interaction in order to learn to talk. You will need to converse with them daily: say hello, ask if they want a snack, etc.

Some small birds can learn an incredible amount of words. Others may only occasionally speak. They are all adorable and remarkably clever.

Here are the 9 best small talking birds, below!

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1.Budgerigar (Budgie or Parakeet)

budgie escaping

At only 6-8 inches in size, the Budgerigar (also known as the Budgie or Parakeet) is one of the very smallest birds that’s able to talk. Parakeets come in many lovely hues, including blue, green, blue-white, and green-yellow.

Now, Parakeets are not quite as good at talking as, say, Quaker Parrots, but they can still learn to repeat many words. They respond to being spoken to in a ‘silly’ or ‘sweet’ tone of voice really well.

In time, you will be rewarded as they use their little, birdy voice to speak!

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2.Black-Hooded Parakeet

Black-Hooded Parakeet

Black-Hooded Parakeets are usually quite affectionate and sociable, making them fairly sought-after. They can learn about 20 words. This may not be as many as, say, a Monk Parrot if capable of, but any amount of human speech is impressive!

At 10-12 inches long, this talking bird is medium-small. Black-Hooded Parakeets are named for their appearance, as they have distinctive faces that are dark gray or black. They have eye-catching red on their legs, blue on the underside of their wings, and they are a pretty lime-green color all over.

3.Senegal Parrot

Senegal Parrot eating

Most parrots that talk are capable of being pretty noisy in general. The Senegal Parrot is a quieter breed, however. They are not as prone to screeching, and tend to have soft and pleasant voices when they speak.

Senegal Parrots are rather small parrots, at only 9 inches. They aren’t able to learn as many words as an Indian Red-Neck or Monk Parakeet, but they can absolutely talk. Senegal Parrots just need a little extra encouragement! Talk to yours as often as you can. Tell your Senegal Parrot ‘hi, buddy,’ or ask them if they’re ‘happy.’

In time, they may greet you as their buddy or let you know they’re feeling happy on their own.



Did you know, there’s a talking bird even smaller than a Parakeet? The Parrotlet is adorably tiny, at only 5 inches in size (a few inches smaller than a Parakeet).

Just remember that a small bird means a small voice, so what they say may not always be easy to hear. These little guys truly do chirp back words and even phrases if you take the time to listen, however! 

Parrotlets come in primarily green, but some species can be blue, dark green, ‘fallow,’ or even yellow.

5.Quaker Parakeet (Monk Parakeet)

monk parrot

Oh boy, can Quaker Parakeets talk!  These birds are said to start picking up words as early as weaning, which is extraordinary. Like the African Gray Parrot, the Quaker Parakeet can acquire a huge vocabulary. They can learn songs, too, and some are downright musical. Their voices are also exceptionally clear.

How do you teach your Quaker Parakeet to talk? The same way you teach any bird: by talking to them yourself! Tell them about your day, ask if they’d like a snack, etc.

6.Indian Ring-Necked Parakeets

Indian Ring-Necked Parakeets

The Indian Ring-Neck is a beautiful, small-to-medium sized parakeet with a distinctive dark ring around their neck. They are usually bright green, with some blue feathers and red markings, as well. And of course, Indian Ring-Necked Parakeets can talk! These witty birds can learn up to a whopping 500 words.

In India, while praying in their gardens, people would notice the Ring-Necks in the trees reciting the prayers back. As you can imagine, this made quite the impression. As pets, Ring-Neck Parakeets began to be sought-after.

Consistently repeat specific words and phrases around your Indian Ring-Necked Parakeet. In time they should delight you by responding back!



The Cockatiel is 12-14 inches, so it’s more medium-small than small. As pets, these birds are extremely popular. This is due to their flashy looks, big personalities, affectionate natures, loyalty… and of course, their ability to talk.

Cockatiels can learn up to 20 words. They have a super cute appearance, with an expressive yellow crest that they can raise and lower. Primarily grey and yellow, they also have two spots of orange on their cheeks, which look like a charming blush! What’s not to love?



Did you know that lovebirds can talk? They are not always considered talking birds, because they don’t often speak, but they are still able. These cute little birds (at only 5-6 inches in size) find it entertaining to mimic sounds and voices, and will speak both to people and one another.

Lovebirds have earned their name for their innate desire to live with a mate, in a pair.

If you go out of your way to teach your lovebirds a few words, you should be pleasantly surprised when they occasionally speak.

Lovebirds are typically a pastel green, with heads that are red and orange, and with proud chests brightly colored in yellow.

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9.The Mynah Bird

Mynah Bird

Have you ever heard of the Mynah Bird? Almost all kinds of birds that can talk are related to parrots. The Myna bird is special, however. This bird is not a parrot, but rather a part of the Starling family.

Mynah birds are lively, friendly, and exceptionally clever.

As is typical with talking birds, Mynah Birds love to mimic sounds in general.

Start teaching them to talk when they are young. Mynahs can learn up to 100 words. Start simple with a ‘hello!’ At about 3 months of age, your Mynah Bird should begin to speak.

Along with their unique speech ability, Mynah Birds have a gorgeous and distinctive appearance. They are completely black, except for their striking orange beaks, and their cheeks, which are bright yellow.

Final thoughts

Did you know that there were so many small talking birds? Many of these little guys are ‘pocket-sized,’ and they’re all quite clever. They are also friendly, playful, and sociable, when they are well cared-for.  What’s not to love?

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