What Breed of Guinea Pig is the Friendliest?

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Guinea pigs are perhaps the ultimate pet due to their shape, habits, and disposition. And just like dogs, different breeds of guinea pigs have their own personalities and qualities that make them unique.

If you’re in the market for a guinea pig and are wondering which breeds of guinea pig are the friendliest, you’ve come to the right place. 

The top guinea pig breed for having a friendly disposition is the Abyssian breed. Coming in close are the teddy breed and American guinea pig breed.

Interested in reading more about what makes these breeds so friendly? Keep reading to find all the details about why these guinea pig breeds are the friendliest out there. 

Abyssian Guinea Pigs

Abyssian Guinea Pigs

Abyssian guinea pigs are not only the friendliest breed but perhaps the cutest, too. This breed of guinea pig naturally loves lots of attention from its cagemates and its owners.

They’re outgoing and tend to be less shy than some other breeds, allowing for more interaction to continue to bond with your pet. 

These guinea pigs have mid-length fur, which means they require some TLC every once in a while.

Grooming your Abyssian guinea pig means you’re spending time with and handling them often, and many pet experts say that this can help you and your guinea pig bond even further. 

Abyssian guinea pigs make fantastic pets for both children and adults alike, due to their agreeable and exciting dispositions.

They’re highly trainable, meaning you can make your Abyssian even more friendly and used to interaction if you try. 

An Abyssian guinea pig is a perfect choice for a new or seasoned guinea pig owner due to their friendliness, trainability, and outgoing personalities.

Now that we’re familiar with the most friendly guinea pig, let’s take a look at the second most friendly guinea pig- the Teddy breed. 

Teddy Guinea Pigs

teddy guinea pig

Teddy guinea pigs are perhaps the most sociable guinea pig breed of them all. They get along with just about anybody, and there have even been a lot of cases reported of teddy guinea pigs getting along well with other house pets, like dogs and cats (never introduce another house pet to a guinea pig if you are not sure of its calm reaction)

Teddy guinea pigs have short, dense, curly fur- it kind of makes them look like an old teddy bear with fur that looks like carpet.

They require a little extra grooming thanks to this cute coat, but it’s nothing crazy- making sure to brush them once a week to get rid of any loose hair is sufficient to keep these babies happy. 

Just like their name, they love to cuddle and snuggle with their owners like real teddy bears, making them a perfect option for owners looking for affectionate temperaments.

If you can dedicate the proper amount of time to spend with them, they’ll learn to love you in return. 

They also love to spend time with their cagemates, and no breed of a guinea pig is cuter to watch play with their friends than the Teddy guinea pig breed.

Many Teddy guinea pigs love to cuddle up next to each other when they sleep, too- yes, we are still talking about a guinea pig and not a stuffed animal here.

Teddy guinea pigs make our close second as the friendliest guinea pigs out there with their friendly temperaments and snuggly personalities.

Lastly, let’s dive into what makes the American guinea pig breed the third most friendly guinea pig breed. 

American Guinea Pigs

american guinea pig
Image Owned by Petweekly.com

American guinea pigs are the adorable, stereotypical guinea pig you think of when guinea pigs come to mind.

They have a coat made up of short, straight-haired fur, which makes them pretty sleek-looking and adorable. And just like many other breeds of guinea pigs, this breed loves to have cagemates to play with all day. 

American guinea pigs are a favorite for many guinea pig lovers and are the most common type of guinea pig sold in pet stores in the States and around the world.

They seldom bite and need a lot of attention from their owners, meaning you’ll get a lot of bonding time with your friend to make your relationship stronger. 

American guinea pigs are funny and playful- I’ve had a few in the past that loved to get into a little mischief.

You’ll notice these pigs “popcorn” a lot, or jump high up in the air when they hear you come into the room or their bag of food open- this means these are happy pigs. 

They’re also the easiest guinea pig breed to care for out of all the breeds on this list as far as grooming goes, due to their short-haired coats and dry skin.

This makes it a low-maintenance guinea pig to own other than the attention they require.

With its playful mischief, love of social interaction, and popcorning tendencies, the American guinea pig breed is our choice for the third most friendly guinea pig breed out there. 


Abyssian, Teddy, and American guinea pigs are our top three guinea pig breeds when it comes to friendliness.

All three are docile, agreeable, and love attention, making them the perfect option for any beginner or seasoned guinea pig owner to get.

No matter what though, if you treat your guinea pig with love and respect, you’ll get friendliness and love in return. Good luck!

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