What is a Group of Guinea Pigs Called?

Group of Guinea Pigs Called

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A group of Guinea Pigs is called a ‘Herd’. However many people give Guinea Pigs their own names like ‘a muddle of guinea pigs’ and even ‘ a blessing ‘ of Guinea pigs.

In the past, guinea pigs lived primarily in the wild, and they would travel in groups called ‘herds.’ These adorably tiny herds were usually made up of one or two males and multiple females, as well as young.

Guinea pigs are social creatures, and prefer to be in a pair or a herd so they can cuddle, interact, play, and groom each other!

Did You Know There Used to Be Wild Guinea Pigs?

Did you know that there used to be wild guinea pigs? It’s true, these little guys used to be all over South America. They traveled in groups together.

Sadly, they were hunted to extinction in the wild. Fortunately, they have been domesticated as pets for quite some time. While you won’t see them in the wild, there are all kinds of guinea pigs still available today from your local or online breeder.

Do Guinea Pigs Hang Out in Groups?

As a matter of fact, guinea pigs are highly sociable. In the wild, as touched on above, they traveled in groups together.

They communicate with a series of little sounds, such as grunts and squeaks, and body movements. Pet guinea pigs are happiest with at least one companion, preferably more. They take comfort in the company, and will even groom and play with each other.

What Do You Call a Group of Guinea Pigs?

Groups of guinea pigs are quite a sight to see, as they are quite active and friendly with each other. One of these cheery little groupings is called a ‘herd,’ and will usually be made up of just a male or two, and many females and young.

As pets, a couple of male guinea pigs can potentially get along just fine with each other. If there are females involved, they will fight, however.

For guinea pig-owners, an ideal herd will consist of just two males, or one male and a few females (to help ensure they are peaceful).

lots of guinea pigs

What Do You Call Female Guinea Pigs?

The female guinea pig is known as a sow. Unspayed female guinea pigs tend to live shorter lives than males, as constant child-bearing takes a toll.

It is recommended to spay your guinea pigs, or keep them separate from the males (except infrequently), to help them live longer!

What Do You Call Male Guinea Pigs?

Male guinea pigs are called ‘boars,’ (which male pigs are also called). Boars can be quite friendly with just one, compatible boar companion, or multiple sows.

If you have a boar and a few sows, you will want to keep them separate until you are ready for them to breed. Try not to overbreed your sows.

If breeding is not your intent, then you will definitely want to take your boars in for a neuter!

What Do You Call Baby Guinea Pigs?

Baby guinea pigs are unique in that they become mobile very quickly, and can eat adult food within just a few days of their birth. Baby guinea pigs are born in litters of 4-6, typically, although sows can have more (a whopping 14 babies is the record).

Seeing these tiny guys up and about so quickly can come as a shock! It’s perfectly normal, however. Baby guinea pigs should still not be held for at least a week. 

Since guinea pig adults are named after pigs, i.e. ‘boar’ and ‘sow,’ you might assume that the babies are called ‘piglets.’ They’re not, actually! Baby guinea pigs are called ‘pups,’ and are born in a ‘litter!’

So, there’s some potentially new information for you: guinea pigs once ran wild, in small, super-cute groups. These are known as ‘herds.’ They are very sociable and pets are also happiest when kept in a little herd or pair! 

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