What Do You Call a Group of Rabbits?

group of rabbits

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Rabbits are sociable creatures, and they tend to hang out in groups of around 20.

A group of rabbits is most often referred to as a colony, although they may also be known as a herd or even a ‘fluffle’ (a fitting term that is relatively new). In the wild, rabbit colonies will forage together, breed, keep an eye on the babies together, and warn each other of danger!

Do Rabbits Hang Out in Groups?

Rabbits are adorable, fluffy little animals that you often see as pets. You may also see them running wild in a field or meadow (or even the suburbs).

They are shy creatures that hide in their burrows during the brightest hours of the day, when they might be spotted by a daytime predator, like a fox or a hawk. 

Rabbits are most active during the hours that predators have low visibility, around dawn and dusk. This is when they go about to forage for food, such as hay and greens, and yes, hang out in groups.

In fact, rabbits are rather sociable with one another. They will display affectionate and playful behavior. 

To communicate, rabbits use a series of soft grunts. In groups, they look out for each other, keeping an eye on the kits and alerting each other of any danger!

group of rabbitrs
Rabbits often group together to feed or for security

What Do You Call a Group of Rabbits?

When you see a group of rabbits together, it may cross your mind what to call them. A herd? A flock? Every group of animals has a name, and some even have a few.

So, what do you call a group of rabbits? Most often, a group of rabbits is referred to as a colony. They may also be known as a ‘herd’ or a ‘fluffle.’ The latter is a cute new name for them that people are quite fond of. 

What Do You Call Female Rabbits?

Female rabbits are known as does. There are no distinguishing differences between males and females aside from their sex.

Female rabbits can be pregnant 4-5 weeks and have up to 15 kits, although more than 10 is more usual. When pregnant, they will grow rounder, eat more, and become a bit crankier.

You won’t be able to identify a rabbit otherwise, as you’ll need to check their sex.

What Do You Call Male Rabbits?

Male rabbits are known as ‘bucks,’ as the counterpart to the female does. In the wild, you may be able to spot male rabbits by their frequent foot-thumping behavior.

They do this to indicate a desire to breed or to warn others of danger. Male rabbits will also compete for females, and fight with each other!

baby rabbit nest
Nest of baby rabbits

What Do You Call Baby Rabbits?

Baby rabbits are born blind and deaf, in large litters. They are known as ‘kittens’ or ‘kits.’ At about 3 weeks, pet kits can hear, see, and even hop. At this point, they have erect ears, and are roughly the size of a chipmunk.

What Do You Call A Group of Hares?

At first glance, rabbits and hares look quite similar. Both are fuzzy, lop-eared, animals, with the same big, hopping feet. They are actually different species, however. For one, hares are typically much larger.

They live above ground, run faster, are less sociable, and tend to more drastically change color in summer (turning brown) and winter (turning white).

So, the next time you see a group of rabbits in a meadow, you’ll know to call them a colony, a herd, or a fluffle. You might even see some kits, with a bit of luck!

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