7 Best Parakeet Toys (2023 Picks)

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Parakeets or budgerigars are enchanting little birds, full of character and great company.

To provide the very best environment for these colorful little creatures you need to provide suitable activities and entertainments that will fill their hours productively. 

If you are not sure where to start in selecting suitable toys for your parakeet, were here to help with a concise guide to the 7 best parakeet toys on the market today.

Also, we will take a look at the key types of budgerigar toys and why they are so beneficial for your bird.

Providing your parakeet engaging toys will promote its health and wellbeing

Budgies are intelligent social creatures that have a lively communal existence in the wild. This means that a pet budgie will have a continual need for stimulation and engagement, without which it will fail to thrive. 

As an owner, you need to provide your bird with interesting activities that will encourage them to move and interact as well as keeping it gainfully occupied while you are away. 

two African Grey Parrots
Human interaction is best for your bird. But when you’re not there Toys will help keep them entertained

If a budgie lives in a bare cage without toys it can become withdrawn, fretful or irritable. A new toy is an effective intervention for a budgerigar that is struggling with isolation, so making toys a feature of your pet’s cage is a prudent investment. 

What kind of toys can I provide for my parakeet?

Here are 6 types of parakeet toys that each benefit your budgie in a different way.

  1. Foraging toys for parakeets

These enticing toys reward hard work with a tasty treat hidden within them. Foraging toys not only provide physical exercise as the bird grapples and pecks but allows them to express the innate foraging instincts they would have to rely on in the wild. 

  1. Exercise toys for parakeets

If you have a budgie that spends most of its time sitting on its perch, you can get them moving with toys that will encourage climbing or balance. 

  1. Foot toys for parakeets

The foot muscles and joints of a parakeet can be exercised and worked by toys that encourage the parakeet to hold and grasp. These toys are great for promoting dexterity!

  1. Parakeet puzzle toys

Bring out the inner Einstein of your budgerigar with toys that are real brain teasers. They will be occupied for hours untying knots, picking locks, and removing bolts to get at a tasty treat reward.

  1. Chewing toys for parakeets

Aside from that tired old cuttlefish bone, your parakeet can keep its beak pristine by chewing away on wood or leather-based toys.

  1. Comfort toys for parakeets

A lone budgerigar does not have someone to snuggle up against and keep warm. Snuggle toys are great for providing a soft gentle surface for your feathered friend to cuddle and preen.

7 Fun Parakeet Toys on the market

1. SunGrow Parakeet Wooden Chew Toy

SunGrow Parakeet Wooden Chew Toy, Hanging Wood Cookies for Pecking and Chewing, Great for Parrots, Macaws, African Grays & Conures, 1 Pack

 in stock
as of February 1, 2024 10:49

Key features

  • Toy type: chewing toy
  • Material: pithy wood and cotton rope
  • Dimensions: 12 inches


This simple, all-natural chew toy is great for parakeets as it will encourage the bird’s natural pecking and checking instincts.

Use the metal clip to secure the rope and wood toy to the top of your cage and let it hang near your bird who will enjoy grappling and pecking it.

The wood is designed to be broken down, so the toy must be checked and replaced when it is destroyed. 

2. ZOHOKO Bird Playgym

ZOHOKO Parrot Cage Toys, Bird Playground Play Stand Perches for Parakeets Cockatiel Budgie, Bird Playgym with Feeder Cups Exercise Toys

 out of stock
as of February 1, 2024 10:49

Key features

  • Toy type: exercise toy
  • Material: pithy wood 
  • Dimensions: 15.07 by 10.67 by 2.32 inches
  • Product Weight: 3.06 pounds


Your budgie(s) will enjoy a serious workout with this clever parakeet gym made with all-natural wood and strong stainless steel.

Your parakeet can hop between the varying perches and run up and down the bridge. If they become hungry or thirsty you have food and water cups on hand. 

This is a great toy for getting your budgies out of the cage constructively. You can set it up in your room and your budgies can swoop down onto it, get a great workout and refreshments when needed. 

3. Niteangel Coconut Hideaway with Ladder

Niteangel Natural Coconut Hamster Hideaway with Ladder, Bird and Small Animal Toy (House with Ladder, Smooth Surface)

$12.99  in stock
as of February 1, 2024 10:49

Key features

  • Toy type: comfort toy, exercise toy
  • Material: coconut husk, cotton, and wood 
  • Dimensions: 5.51 by 5.43 by 5.35 inches
  • Product Weight: 0.57 pounds


Being safely enclosed in this cool coconut hideout will be a great comfort to a budgie and is reminiscent of the natural treetop roosts. They will soon work out to snuggle inside and will look cute as they peep out.

This eco-friendly toy can be safely secured, via metal clips, anywhere in your parakeet’s cage and the rope bridge provides much need opportunity for exercise.

Though this toy looks just right for nesting, it is not a nesting box and cannot safely be used for breeding budgies.

4. FLYSTAR Bird Foraging Toys

FLYSTAR Bird Foraging Toys – DIY Creative Parrot Feeder Toy Intelligence Growth Cage Acrylic Box Food Holder Toys with Swing Toys for Anchovies, Parakeets, Cockatiel, Conure, Mynah, Macow,etc..

 out of stock
as of February 1, 2024 10:49

Key features

  • Toy type: foraging toy
  • Material: plastic and metal
  • Dimensions: 4.7 by 6.7 by 1.4 inches
  • Product Weight: 0.43 pounds


Foraging is one of the best ways of kicking boredom to the curb and your parakeet will love seeing goodies like millet seed and other treats secreted within this challenging toy.

The transparent acrylic container can be filled with treats and suspended from the top of the cage.

Access to your parakeet’s food reward requires natural foraging behaviors, with the budgie pulling the food through the varying openings in the box. 

5. LWINGFLYER Wooden Ladders for Bird

LWINGFLYER 2pcs Wooden Ladder for Bird Parrot Ladder Cage Climbing Toy Birdie Basics (5 Step & 7 Step)

$8.99  in stock
as of February 1, 2024 10:49

Key features

  • Toy type: foot toy; exercise toy
  • Material: natural wood with metal hooks
  • Dimensions: 12.7 by 4.9 by 0.7 inches
  • Product Weight: 0.15 pounds


These simple ladders are an effective climbing toy that will work the muscles in your parakeet’s feet and exercise their balancing skills too.

They can just be hooked onto the cage and your budgie will soon work things out. As the ladder is all-natural wood, it is likely to be enthusiastically chewed and therefore will need replacing after a certain period. 

6. Hypeety Parrot Bird Cage Feeder

Hypeety Parrot Bird Cage Feeder Hanging Forage Toys for Parrot Budgie Parakeet Cockatiel Conure African Grey Cockatoo Macaw Amazon Lovebird Finch Canary Cage

$10.50  in stock
2 new from $10.50
Free shipping
as of February 1, 2024 10:49

Key features

  • Toy type: puzzle toy
  • Material: acrylic and metal
  • Dimensions: 3.54-inch diameter 11.4-inch height


Your feathered friend can never be bored with this swinging ball and bell puzzle toy with a treat reward at its center. It can be quickly installed and will keep a parakeet occupies for hours as they peck at the toy to get at the goodies inside.

Alternatively, it can be filled with paper pieces to be shredded by your bird.

Let your budgie work out how to get to the inner treat which they will begin to associate with the bell. 

7. Bonka Bird Toys Natural Sola Ball

Bonka Bird Toys 1214 Pk3 Sola Atta Balls Foot Talon Craft Part Parrot Bird Toys Conure Parakeet Cockatiel and Similar

$7.77  in stock
2 new from $7.77
Free shipping
as of February 1, 2024 10:49

Key features

  • Toy type: chew toy; foot toy
  • Material: all-natural plant material
  • Dimensions: 8 by 6 by 2.5 inches
  • Product Weight: 0.8 ounces


This set of three all-natural chewing balls made from the spongy center of the exotic sola atta plant are great for keeping your parakeet occupied with clambering, rolling, chewing, and foraging activities.

The distinctive design has lots of surfaces and textures to work the feet too!

Frequently asked questions

How many toys does my budgie need?

Though there is no specific number of toys you can give your parakeet, it is best to provide them with more than one toy. 

Like children, budgies can quickly become bored with a single toy. Mix things up with a selection of different types of toys that can entertain your budgie in different ways.

My budgie has worked out its puzzles and is bored. What should I do? 

Vary your parakeet toys! Once your parakeet has mastered a particular group of toys, it’s time to provide them with a new challenge!

Do parakeet toys need maintenance?

Yes. Check the toys for damage regularly. Loose parts or sharp areas of damage on a well-loved toy could harm a parakeet. Make sure you check that toys are intact and remove them if there is any sign of damage. 

Rounding up

We hope that you have found our selection of great parakeet toys an inspiration for livening things up for your parakeet.

There are so many engaging toys on the market that we are sure you will find yourself buying more than a few and watching how your budgie responds to each one. 

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