How much does a parrot cost? (2022 USA and UK prices)


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The color, vivacity, character, and flair of parrots mean that they will always be in demand as aspirational pets. These engaging creatures, from the psittacine family, come in a range of sizes with a kaleidoscope of color and temperaments to suit most owners. 

However, buying a parrot to keep is a significant investment with ongoing costs and a need for a real commitment to keeping the bird.

Though straightforward, parrots do require an investment of time and finances in their proper care.

In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with an up-to-date snapshot of parrot prices in the US and UK.

As you’ll see, European and UK prices are relatively similar to US prices for most parrots.

Along with the latest prices of the most popular parrot breeds, we will provide insights into just how much it’s going to cost you to make one of these fabulous birds your own. 

buying a parrot

The price you pay for these parrots can vary significantly depending on where the parrots are sourced. Your options for buying a pet parrot include:

  • Reputable, licensed breeders
  • Private sellers
  • Classified ads
  • Animal rescue shelters
  • Pet stores

The cost of a pet parrot is largely affected by the breed of the parrot, its availability, characteristics, and market demand.

Evaluating the seller carefully is key to purchasing a healthy, tame, and well-reared bird.

If you see a cheap parrot for sale, it is often likely to be too good to be true, and you also need to beware of purchasing trafficked wildlife. 

Our latest parrot prices should give you a greater understanding of a reasonable price to pay for these handsome birds. 

2022 chart of UK and US average parrot prices:

SpeciesUS average price ($)UK average price (£)
African Grey$2500£2200
Amazon parrot$1375£600
Cockatiel $120£150
Small cockatoo $1200£900
Small parakeet/budgie$20£30

Cost of a small parrot 2021.

  • Parakeet/budgie: These small parrots are the cheapest around with an average price of $20 (£30). They are easy to breed meaning finding them for sale locally is easy. More elaborately colored birds carry a premium. 
  • Smaller cockatoos: Smaller cockatoos are at the cheaper end of the cockatoo price range which can be as much as $1500. The price varies significantly based on the species, age, size, and training the bird has received, so prices can be as low as a few hundred dollars 
  • Cockatiels: The typical cost of standard breeds of cockatiels like greys, lutinos or pieds, is between $100 and $200. Current prices in the UK are slightly more expensive with an average price of £150.
  • Lovebirds: Lovebirds are usually sold in pairs meaning you should brace yourself for a double hit on your wallet. Each bird usually costs between $50 and $150.

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Cost of medium-sized parrots 2021.

  • Caiques: Caiques are beautiful but pricey birds on both sides of the Atlantic. They have a starting price of $600 with the most expensive being upwards of $1400. These sociable and intelligent parrots can cost anywhere between £500 and £1500 in the UK. 
  • Conures: If you are looking for a medium-sized parrot, Conures are competitively priced. Expect to pay around $300 on average. 

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Cost of large parrots 2021.

Larger parrots are not always the most expensive, but their price at a minimum will be several hundred dollars.

  • Macaws: Are in demand as an elite companion bird. For a healthy bird from a reputable breeder, you will be paying at least $1500, with some Macaws costing as much as $4000. Macaws are equally as expensive in the UK with the cost of Macaws starting at £1100.   
  • Amazon parrots: These are the most affordable of the larger birds and have that classic “Pirates of the Caribbean” look. Their price varies between $750 and $2000
  • African Greys: These beautiful birds are highly sought-after as engaging and incredibly intelligent, talking companion birds. They price similarly to Macaws with a starting price of around $1500. In the UK you can find African Greys for under £1000

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The cost of your parrot does not end with the price of the bird. 

Once you have settled on the bird of your choice you need to ensure that you can house your pet in a properly equipped cage.

The housing and activity you provide for your parrot are critical for its health and wellbeing.

For a large parrot, you will need at least $500 on hand for basic food housing and toys. 


Here is a list of some essential initial expenses for a new parrot.

  • Parrot cage – Not everyone has the space or budget for a custom-built aviary, but you should seek to buy the largest cage your budget can afford. Expect to pay upwards of $250 for a good quality cage for a medium-sized parrot and  $500 for a cage for a larger parrot.
  • Play stands – the play stand provides a perch for your parrot when he is out of the cage. These usually cost between $80 and $100 for a basic model.
  • Perches – parrots need multiple perching options in their cage to keep their feet healthy. All-natural perches are healthiest and come at around $8 to $10 per perch.
  • Food and water bowls – these are normally included with the cage. Expect to pay $15 to $20 for a pair.
  • Toys – are necessary to keep your parrot entertained when you are not around. They vary in price but are generally cost-effective. See our guide on parrot toys here
  • Food – monthly food costs are between $30 and $75 dollars per month depending on the breed of bird. Fresh fruit is the most expensive type of food followed by pellets and seed.
  • Veterinary costs – initial vet costs include the cost of an initial check-up and microchipping can exceed $80.

Ongoing expenses for your parrot are a consideration too. 

Of course consumables like food, sawdust and chew toys are expected expenses of keeping a parrot. Vet bills are expensive and the cost may be mitigated by purchasing insurance cover for your bird.

In the home, you will be wise to bird-proof windows, doors, and anything else your parrot will encounter while it free-roams.

Rounding up.

We hope this short breakdown of parrot prices in the US and UK has helped you in deciding if you are ready for parrot ownership.

Never underestimate the ongoing costs as parrots are incredibly long-lived, with lifespans of several decades common.

If you are ready to take on a new parrot, we are sure you will enjoy a lifelong friendship with one of these magnificent birds. 

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