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Smartest Pet Birds | Top 7 Most Intelligent Birds

Bigger isn’t always smarter! Some of the most intelligent birds are very small and even kept as pets. Birds show their intelligence in lots of ways from building nests, communicating, and even doing tricks. Many birds in the wild have to be smart just to survive. Predators will prey on the weak and they need…

green parrots

Types of Green Parrots & Birds ( 7 Popular Green Pet Birds )

There are hundreds if not thousands of parrot species around the world but one of the most popular parrots to keep as pet birds are green Parrots. Why are green parrots so popular and what are the best green parrots to keep as pets. Seven of the most popular green pet parrots are: Male Eclectus…

Most Beautiful Colorful Birds Of The World

11 Most Colorful Birds of the World

Some of the world’s most beautiful birds are not actually rare or expensive birds. Some in fact you have already owned or kept as a pet. But a few are really special and will blow your mind when you look at them closely. In this article we take a look at the 11 Most Beautiful…

cat,dog and parrot

Do Parrots get along with Cats and Dogs?

Cats and dogs are the most kept pets all around the world. And after that comes the bird, especially parrots. Now that you are planning to keep your furry friends along with your bird, you need to make sure they are compatible with each other. Many will shun on the idea of keeping their parrot…

parakeet in a nest box

Do Parakeets need a nest box? ( Rest, Sleep, Breeding )

If you’re preparing to get a pet parakeet, you may be pondering over whether or not your parakeet needs a nest or nest box. Knowing what to buy and what not to buy for a new pet, especially a pet that is not as common as a cat or a dog, can be perplexing. The…

Can Parrots Eat Meat

Can Parrots Eat Meat (Unnatural diet?)

This is probably going to come as a shock to most, but parrots – the more than 350 different species of birds classified as parrots – are technically considered omnivores. While parrots (for the most part) eat a lot of plants, a lot of seeds, and a lot of small insects and vegetables like every…

Do Macaws Need Cuttlebone?

Do Macaws Need Cuttlebone? ( Benefits of cuttlebone for Macaws)

Figuring out exactly what macaws need in their diet can be tricky. While seeds contain lots of nutrients, they are lacking in a very important one — calcium. This is where cuttlebone comes in! Giving macaws cuttlebone is a great way to ensure they get their daily dose of calcium. And it’s a load of…

budgie molt

How often do Budgies Molt? (Why & for How Long)

When budgies are babies, they all go through a molt when they are approximately 10-12 weeks old. This molt is when they develop their adult head cap and lose their baby bars. A budgie’s first molt usually lasts about 2-3 weeks. As adults, molting frequency varies from budgie to budgie. Some budgies molt only annually;…

Colorful Parrot

Colorful Parrot Species | 7 Most Colorful Parrots

Some of the most popular parrots are actually some of the most colorful pet birds often kept in captivity. Hence the popularity of owning these types of birds. With over 350 parrot species known worldwide, it is almost impossible to pick the most colorful ones from all these amazing and unique birds. But we’re going…

finch aviary

Finch Aviary | Setup Tips and Aviary Suggestions

If you love finches – tiny, melodic birds that they are – you may wish to set up or buy a finch aviary of your own! Nothing can beat sitting in a backyard in summer watching and listening to these little birds enjoying the space to live a happy life. To create the best living…

owner bonding with her parrot

How to get your parrot to trust you? ( Build a strong bond )

Parrots are easy pets with a great personality. However, it breaks your heart when your parrot doesn’t return you with the same affection you shower him every day. You wonder what went wrong while petting him, which is making him terrified of you. Trust, yes, trust is the factor that is lacking between you two….

zebra finch in captivity

How Long Do Zebra Finches Live in Captivity?

The zebra finch may just be the most popular finch for pet owners, not only because of its easy availability and affordable price tag but also because of its long history of being domesticated and it’s gorgeous color patterns. Some of the best looking finches by far, zebra finches are a lot of fun to…