Guinea Pigs

outdoor guinea pig runs

Best Outdoor Guinea Pig Runs | Buyers Guide

Due to the guinea pig having similar characteristics to a hamster, many often assume that an enclosed hutch or cage is a sufficient living space and mistakenly neglects the amount of exercise that guinea pigs actually need.  Guinea pigs are an incredibly energetic breed and plenty of exercise and most importantly, space to roam around…

Peruvian guinea pig

Peruvian Guinea Pig | Keeping Peruvian Pet Guinea Pigs

The Peruvian guinea pig is best known for its extraordinary looks, namely its long, beautiful hair! Peruvian guinea pigs are gorgeous, sweet-tempered, and sociable. They also require lots of care to keep their long locks in check, however. This makes the Peruvian guinea pig the perfect pet for someone experienced and/or responsible… but less so…


How Many Teeth Do Guinea Pigs Have?

Part of being a responsible pet owner is to care for all aspects of your pet’s health and welfare. Dental care for Guinea pigs is one area you’ll need to keep a close eye on to avoid illness and large vet bills. Many new Guinea pig owners are unaware of the responsibility and care they’ll…


Do Guinea Pigs Get Cold? How Cold Is Too Cold?

Have you ever wondered, do guinea pigs get cold? They do. These animals can act pretty tough sometimes, despite the fact they are so small. Their attitude is deceptive! Actually, guinea pigs get cold about as easily as you or I. If you are cold, your guinea pig is probably a bit chilly as well….

guinea pig eating meat

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Meat? Facts & Risks

So, can eat guinea pigs eat meat? The answer, long or short, is no. In fact, guinea pigs are what are known as obligate herbivores. This means that they eat veggies, fruits, grasses, and greens only, and have no choice in the matter. Were you to feed your guinea pig any kind of meat, they…

brushing a guinea pig

Do Guinea Pigs Shed? Stop Shedding Fast!

Guinea pigs make for some truly lovely pets, with their cute faces, and their thick, pretty hair. You may wonder, looking at all of that hair… do guinea pigs shed? They do, as a matter of fact. However, no more than normal for any animal with hair or fur. The exception is when they are…

guinea pig eating a tomatoe

Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes? Benefits & Risks

Tomatoes are vegetables full of many valuable vitamins and minerals. There are endless recipes for tomato dishes, and it’s no wonder that they are some of the most beloved vegetables in the world. But what about giving to your lovely guinea pigs? Can guinea pigs eat them?  Guinea Pigs can eat tomatoes as long as…

guinea pig eating pineapple

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Pineapple? (Good or Bad)

Pineapple is one of the most popular fruits worldwide, but can Guinea Pigs eat pineapple? Let’s find out! Guinea pigs can be given pineapples but this has to be in small amounts. They must be given occasionally as a treat and not an everyday meal. Pineapples contain 10g of natural sugar per 100 grams of…

guinea pig eating green beans

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Green Beans? Are they beneficial

If you own a guinea pig you know that they enjoy being given occasional tasty treats. These treats are key to ensuring that they always remain happy. Too many owners who love spoiling their pets, the tasty green beans can be a good choice. But perhaps, you wonder and ask yourself – can guinea pigs…

guinea pig eating veggies

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cauliflower? Is it Full of Nutrition and vitamins?

Guinea pigs are herbivorous animals, so it may seem simple to feed them safely. But in reality, not all vegetables, herbs and fruit are suitable for these cute animals. Before testing any food that you have never given to your guinea pig, it is always better to ask yourself if it can be harmful to…

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes_

Can Guinea Pigs eat grapes?

Guinea pigs are herbivorous rodents that can eat grapes, but they can’t eat a lot at a time. It should be in moderation. Eating too much is bad for the guinea pigs teeth and stomach. In this article, we will look at how grapes can be beneficial to guinea pigs. Can Guinea Pigs eat grapes?…

guinea pig eating a tomatoe

Can Guinea Pigs eat tomatoes?

Can guinea pigs eat tomatoes? This simple vegetable is one of the main ingredients of all our culinary preparations and accompaniments, becoming the most consumed food in the world only behind the potatoes. That is when the doubt arises: if it is so delicious and healthy for human beings, it can also become so for…