How Do Rabbits Show Affection To Humans

two children playing with pet rabbits

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Anyone who has seen Bambi has wanted a little pet rabbit to name Thumper, Right? I know I did. They aren’t the most low-maintenance pets you could choose, but what they do require isn’t anything unreasonable. Rabbits can bond and grow to love their human parents like any other animal.

Just because they aren’t as popular as some other pet doesn’t mean they can’t love you as much as a cat or dog could. Rabbits are becoming quite popular as pets because they do very well with children and can adapt to family life easily.

As with any animal, if you treat your rabbit with love and affection, they will give it right back to you.

Can Rabbits Show Affection

Of course, they can. Every animal has its own way of showing their human family affection once they have gained their trust and established a friendship. Cats and dogs being the only furry pets that can cuddle isn’t remotely true anymore.

Rabbits can show you affection like any other animal once you have bonded. Whether you raise a bunny from when they are young or rescue one, once you become friends there’s no going back.

It’s especially cute to watch a rabbit and a child grow up together. Kid and animal relationships are so special. It’s a bit cuter when a long-eared friend is involved.

The Rabbit Love Signs

Now that you think you and your rabbit are besties, how do you actually know? Will your rabbit bring you dead animals like cats do? Will your rabbit whine when you leave for work? Well, maybe not exactly.

  • Grooming you

If your rabbit is comfortable around you they will groom you. They will nibble you, chew on you, and lick you. If a rabbit accepts you as one of their own, they will take care of you like they would another rabbit. As long as they aren’t hurting you, let them groom you.

  • Get excited when you feed them

Yes, we all love mealtime, but a rabbit will get super excited when you feed them if they are really happy. They will enjoy eating and show you that they love that you for feeding them. You could be really cute and eat your meals with your rabbit.

  • Wants to cuddle

This one is pretty universal right? When an animal is happy and trusts you, they want to cuddle. Same as a partner or a kid, a rabbit will want some cuddle time. They might want you to rub their head or massage their adorable floppy ears. If they come to you for cuddles, you better indulge your fluffy friend.

  • Your rabbit plays

If your rabbit is playful, without being too destructive, it’s because they are happy. If you can build them a little rabbit playpen or have a room where you don’t mind if they tear something up, that would be great. They want to show you they are happy by jumping, digging, or being silly.

  • Won’t destroy everything

If your bunny has been spayed or neutered, they should be relatively calm. If your rabbit has a mostly non-destroyed space, it’s because they are content with what they have and where they are at.

  • Rabbit naps

Just like people, we nap when we feel safe and loved. There’s nothing better than a nap right? Your bunny feels the same way. So let that rabbit nap. Taking naps together can be a great way to show mutual love.

  • Belly rubs

Another pretty unmistakeable way your rabbit will show you affection is by wanting you to give them rubs. Good places are the same as for a cat or dog as for a rabbit. That adorable little spot right between the ears is great. You can put your rabbit to sleep by rubbing that spot.

Treat Your Bunny Right and It Will Love You

Make sure they have a safe and warm place to sleep, fresh food to eat every day, a clean place to go to the bathroom, and exercise. Though you have to give your rabbit daily attention, it’s not like these things are different from any other animal or ridiculously hard to do.

We love our Eglu Rabbit hutch with the extended outdoor area. Perfect for our rabbits to safely play.

Your rabbit is going to be a part of your family for around 10 years. Take the time to get to know each other and create a great relationship and you’ll have a great friend.


So go ahead and get a little bouncing bunny. As long as you have the time and will be around every day with your rabbit, they can be great pets. When they bond with their human parent, the affection they will show them is adorable and beneficial for both.  

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