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guinea pig eating herbs

Can Guinea Pigs eat Herbs? ( Good and Bad herbs )

Guinea pigs can eat several kinds of herbs. An herb is a plant or plant part, valued for its medicinal, savory, or aromatic qualities (according …

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cockatiel and owner

Do cockatiels miss their owners?

If you are wondering if cockatiels miss their owners, the answer is that these lovely birds certainly do! Relationships are a big thing for these …

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parakeet eating an orange

Can Parakeets Eat Oranges? ( Benefits and Risks )

When you’re starting to feed a pet parakeet, you may be hesitant to try your bird with varied foods. In this short article, we take …

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budgie in the dark

Do Budgies need darkness to sleep ( Are they afraid of the dark )

Are you and your budgie struggling with a nighttime routine? Does lights out signal frantic flapping around the cage? Being in the dark is not …

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budgie escaping

My Budgie Escaped will it Survive? ( Tips for catching escaped birds )

Perhaps it was a careless oversight, perhaps they were trained to return your shoulder. Whatever the circumstances, your beloved budgie is taken off out of …

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rabbits eating cabbage

Can Rabbits Eat Cabbage ( Storks and Leaves?)

Among other leafy greens, rabbits do eat cabbage. In fact, there are many aspects of this plant that they can find beneficial. For rabbits, cabbages …

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parakeet drinking

How much water do parakeets need each day?

Parakeets are not high-maintenance birds, and raising them is quite fun. As for their water requirement, merely providing a bowl of water is not going …

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outdoor guinea pig runs

Best Outdoor Guinea Pig Runs | Buyers Guide

Due to the guinea pig having similar characteristics to a hamster, many often assume that an enclosed hutch or cage is a sufficient living space …

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Peruvian guinea pig

Peruvian Guinea Pig | Keeping Peruvian Pet Guinea Pigs

The Peruvian guinea pig is best known for its extraordinary looks, namely its long, beautiful hair! Peruvian guinea pigs are gorgeous, sweet-tempered, and sociable. They …

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