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guinea pig

Why is My Guinea Pig Scared of Me?

Perhaps you just got a new guinea pig and you’ve noticed they can get skittish and timid around you. You may be wondering if it’s …

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How to protect your chickens from predators

How to protect your chickens from predators

If you are a backyard chicken owner, you are probably wondering about how to protect your chickens from predators? Depending on where you live and …

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Types of finches

Types Of Finches | Top 5 Popular Pet Finches

Finches are a popular pet bird kept and loved by thousands of pet lovers all around the world. Yes, they may not be able to …

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chicken coop with the owner

Best Chicken Coop for 6 Chickens | 2021 review

Many backyard chicken owners keep their chickens as pets with an added bonus… Eggs! With a flock of 6 hens, you will have enough eggs …

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hamster on a book

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hamsters: #4 Is Interesting!

You may be surprised to know a few things about hamsters. We have all seen them, either at pet stores or at friends’ homes. They …

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chicken feeding in a garden

Do Chickens Eat Meat? | Safe Food or Unhealthy?

Chickens are opportunistic eaters and more importantly, they are also omnivores which means they’ll eat almost anything that you give to them (or that they …

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sheltie guinea pig

Sheltie Guinea Pigs | Diet | Size | Breeding | Housing | Care Guide

The Sheltie Guinea Pig is best-known for its coat, which is long and luxurious. In fact, Sheltie Guinea Pigs are also known as ‘Silkies,’ in …

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holding a hamster

How To Hold A Hamster That Bites. Safely Hold Your Hamster

When you picked a hamster as a pet you probably envisaged a little furry friend scurrying around in his cage and sitting happily in your …

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Do Gerbils Have Tails?

Do Gerbils Have Tails? Yes, depending on the species, these lovely rodents have either a long-furred tail or a long bald tail. The number of …

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