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Baby chicks

How Cold Can Baby Chickens Tolerate? ( Lowest Temperatures )

Chickens are well adapted to handling cold temperatures and it’s true that most breeds of chicken are much better suited to handle cold weather conditions …

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Chickens Roosting

Chicken Roost Spacing (How Much Space Do Each Bird Need?)

A roost is an essential living requirement for your chicken’s environment and providing a roost that gives your chickens enough space to feel safe and …

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chickens in snow

Do Chicken Coops Need Heat? ( Temperatures & Heater Options )

Chickens are generally quite well adapted to deal with varying temperatures and can cope with colder temperatures much easier than a human can.  In fact, …

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Types of finches

Types Of Finches | Top 5 Popular Pet Finches

Finches are a popular pet bird kept and loved by thousands of pet lovers all around the world. Yes, they may not be able to …

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pet owl

Do Owls Make Good Pets ( Can you legally own one?)

Ever since owls were romanticized as the perfect pet thanks to the Harry Potter series, the number of people wanting to keep them as a …

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Friendly Pet Birds

7 Friendly Pet Birds | Most Affectionate Pet Birds

Nobody wants an aggressive pet birds, Right? So , I can see why you would want to search and look for the most Friendly Pet …

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aviary heaters

Aviary Heaters | How to heat an aviary in winter

If you house your birds in an outdoor aviary, you’ll need to do more than make sure they have enough shelter. Long before the colder …

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sleeping Guinea Pig

Do guinea pigs have a sleep schedule? Sleep Behaviors & Patterns

When it comes to getting some shut-eye, guinea pigs have very different sleep behaviors and patterns compared to other animals. Let’s see what they are …

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white rabbit

White Rabbit Breeds | 7 White Pet Rabbit Breeds

When I think of cute pet rabbits I think of little furry white rabbits. You know the sort. The ones that feature in every easter …

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