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Do Toucans Have Predators?

Unfortunately, despite their size and fearsome-looking beaks, toucans do have predators. These are not just on land, but also crawling through the trees, and in …

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parakeet eating an orange

Can Parakeets Eat Oranges? ( Benefits and Risks )

When you’re starting to feed a pet parakeet, you may be hesitant to try your bird with varied foods. In this short article, we take …

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Baby guinea pig pup

Raising and Caring for Young Guinea Pigs

You may have already been taking care of an adult guinea pig. That experience will come in handy, but you will need to learn to …

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bar spacing

Bar Spacing For Mice: What Size Spacing Should My Cage Be?

One of the most important aspects of a mouse cage is the spacing between the bars.  To keep your mouse secure, the bar spacing should …

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group of rabbits

What Do You Call a Group of Rabbits?

Rabbits are sociable creatures, and they tend to hang out in groups of around 20. A group of rabbits is most often referred to as …

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Can Birds See Through Glass? ( There’s a Simple answer )

One thing you may have encountered during your life is the unfortunate event of a bird colliding with a glass window. Obviously, with glass being …

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chicken on a swing

Chicken Perches and Swings | 3 Amazing Products

If you are looking to ‘mix things up’ with your flock of backyard chickens, a perch or a swing could be a very popular addition …

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automatic chicken coop door

Universal Automatic Chicken Coop Door by Omlet

Keepers of backyard hens are very familiar with the well-worn routine of rising early to open the coop and hitting the backyard at twilight to …

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best fruits for guinea pigs

Types of fruit guinea pigs love to eat | Best fruit for guinea pigs

You have a pet guinea pig and you love your furry little buddy and you just want to do right by him, right? Or maybe …

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