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hamster sleeping

Do hamsters play dead?

Your pet hamster is a fluffy, golden furball of happy energy. He loves to play and he provides you with hours of delight as you …

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young girl holding a rabbit

6 Best Breed of Rabbit for First-time Owners

The Humane Society of the United States reports that rabbits are the third most popular pets in America, after dogs and cats. Unfortunately, rabbits are …

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can hamsters eat chocolate

Can Hamsters Eat Chocolate ( Sweet treat or harmful? )

If you’re thinking about feeding your hamster chocolate, it’s not a good idea. While we often talk about dark chocolate being good for humans, it’s …

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Can Rabbits Drink from a Bowl

Can Rabbits Drink from a Bowl ( Bowl or Bottle? )

You have a pet rabbit or maybe you’re thinking about getting one. Because you’re a responsible pet owner, you want to make sure that you’re …

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Smartest Pet Birds | Top 7 Most Intelligent Birds

Bigger isn’t always smarter! Some of the most intelligent birds are very small and even kept as pets. Birds show their intelligence in lots of …

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hen eating out of someones hand

Can Chickens Eat Cheese? | Cheese & Dairy Products

When we think of who should be eating cheese, chickens are mostly not on that list. Cheese is a typical delicacy among other animals, particularly …

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guinea pigs eat cucumber

Can guinea pigs eat cucumber?

If you own guinea pigs, you already know they like eating hay, greens, pellets, grass, and fruits. But can guinea pigs eat cucumber? Yes. Cucumbers …

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rabbit in snow

How Cold Can A Pet Rabbit Tolerate? ( Winter temperatures )

Rabbits are a popular pet around the world. They need a lovely hutch or home to live in and can form deep bonds with their …

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a rabbit eating popcorn

Can rabbits eat popcorn? Treat or Harmful

Popcorn is a popular snack known for its rich in fiber, low in calories, and contain more iron than spinach, eggs, and even peanuts. But …

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