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skinny pig

How Big Do Skinny Pigs Get ( Why so small? )

If you happen to be looking around for a new pet to bring some joy into your life, you may have considered adding a Skinny …

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brushing a rabbit

What Is Rabbit Moult? ( Symptoms & Treatments)

When you initially take on your adorable baby bunny, he will have thick soft coat that is incredibly pleasing to touch. However, as your rabbit …

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parrakeet eating seeds

Do All Parakeets Eat the Same Food?

Parakeets are one of the most popular pets to keep right now, but with a vast amount of species to choose from how do you …

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Can chickens eat peppers

Can chickens eat peppers? Bell Peppers and all types

Whether chickens eat peppers or not all depends on the type of pepper you are talking about. There are so many different types of pepper …

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pet mouse

How long do pet mice live? Lifespan | Life expectancy

A small and cute pet mouse can be a highly entertaining pet, and you can spend hours watching them play if you create a wonderful …

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