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A small and cute pet mouse can be a highly entertaining pet, and you can spend hours watching them play if you create a wonderful place for them to live. These little rodents are not loved by everyone but find a place in many peoples hearts.

Pet mice very sociable pets and love to be carefully handled, so if you’re thinking of getting one, you should know about their lifespan.

How long do pet mice live? The lifespan of a mouse is proportional to the amount of care, attention, and love that is given to them. But in general, they can live between 1 to 2 years. Captive mice live much shorter lifespans than many wild rodents

But some mice with good care can live up to three years.

How long do mice live without food?

Mice are animals designed to live with difficulties and little food, so a mouse can go months without feeding.

Although they can survive a long time without food, it’s best if you avoid this type of scenario, especially if you want your mice to live as long as possible.

A careful diet is a must in our opinion. As pet owners, we have a duty of care for these little rodents who have no alternative but to rely on our care for their life and lifespan.

How long do mice live in captivity?

In captive conditions, the lifespan of a mouse can be up to 3 years maximum with very few living longer than that.

As long as they have good care.

And in some odd cases, they have lived up to 5 years.

How to choose a mouse that will live long?

When purchasing a pet mouse, choose a mouse that looks agile and awake.

Their hair should be smooth and shiny and pink ears and tail. Their mouth, nose, and the anal area should look clean and without any discharge.

Also, look at the cage; it must be clean, as this shows that they have taken good care of them, and the feces matter must be well-formed.

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How to help your mouse live a healthy life?

A long life expectancy starts with a good diet. Mice are natural omnivores, capable of feeding on almost anything. They eat both plant and animal matter.

The fact that they eat anything does not mean that they can survive in any type of food. They require a balanced diet.

The nutritional needs of house mice are generally met with a commercial hamster or rodent food.

But you can also mix pellets with seeds, but make sure they eat all the pellets before giving them more seeds.

Pieces of fresh fruits and vegetables can also be offered.

Try to have a special cage for rodents if you decide to have a mouse.

It should have good ventilation, have a strong base, and metal walls or glass that won’t break.

In addition, they should be as big as possible, since these animals are very small, they like to run and hide: make sure it has a wheel, a low plate for its food, a place where it can hide and that it can use as a nest or bed (such as a sock, a pile of wool or a fleece bag) and preferably a tube or tunnel for him to run and exercise.

Mice love to run and play.

If you can’t release them outdoors because you have cats or places where they can get lost, get a rodent wheel so they can exercise.

This is very important; that’s how they avoid getting fat, which can cause many diseases.

If you have young children, you will want to be careful when they handle your mouse.

Consider that children may hold the mice too tight, causing damage.

Pay attention and supervise when they want to play with them.

How long do mice last without water?

Water is life! If you have ever heard this phrase, you will know that it is very true.

Both mice and humans need more water than food. On average, they can survive for 5 days without water.

In this case, the mice go much longer without drinking water than the rats.

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How long do field mice live?

In wild conditions, a mouse’s lifespan usually averages 1 year, although this varies by species. Wild conditions, food, and predators are the conditions that affect their survival.

How long do rats live in captivity?

Currently, it has been proven that, under conditions of captivity, the lifespan of a rat can be prolonged up to 3 years.

As you can see, it is quite similar to the mice, but the most important thing here is to provide the proper care for them to have a long life.

Conclusion: How Long Do Pet Mice Live?

When caring for pets, there must be a commitment and ensure their basic needs, especially if we are talking about small animals such as rodents.

It can be tempting to adopt a small rat or mouse, as they are fragile and cuddly; however, it’s important that we give them the same attention that we would give to a puppy or a kitten.

Mice can be a very good pet since they are small and do not require many expenses or time, however, keep in mind that their life expectancy is short, they live for 1 to 3 years, so if you are looking for a pet for long term you will want to opt for a larger animal.

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