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7 Quietest Pet Birds

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Pet birds can be noisy, there’s no denying that. Most of them are known for talking and/or singing. However, there are actually some types of pet bird that make little noise.

This can be a good option if you live in an apartment with noise regulations, but still want a pet bird.

Deciding which bird to get as a pet will be difficult for most people, factor in the fact that that bird also needs to be quiet, and you might have an even harder time deciding.

Fear not, as there are in fact a long list of pet birds that will make minimal noise.

#1 Canaries


These small birds can be trained to talk and will sing occasionally. Although they can talk, they will not do so unless asked or provoked.

Even when they do make a noise, because they are small, their noise is minimal. They make subtle noises that won’t be heard outside your home.

There are over 200 varieties of canary to choose from. They are a favorite in pet stores and can be bought for a relatively low price. Canaries like to live alongside other canaries and will form friendships with their enclosure partners.

#2 Senegal Parrots

Senegal Parrots

Although parrots are normally thought as being loud and vocal, this type of parrot is relatively low in volume.

They love interacting with people and can even start to mimic mannerisms and repeat phrases they hear. Senegal parrots may even choose just one person as a favorite.

Unlike some other parrots, a Senegal is very unlikely to screech or scream. While some parrots do scream and screech due to boredom and/or a lack of interaction, a Senegal parrot will just sit quietly until you interact.

While they won’t complain loudly if you don’t, they should still be played with.

#3 Pacific Parrotlets

Pacific Parrotlets

This type of bird is very affectionate and likes to move about a lot. They can make a great pet for someone who is looking to train their bird to perform tricks.

Rather than screeching and making loud noises, pacicifc parrotlets will softly chirp and sing occasionally.

These birds need regular interaction to stay happy. People who work long hours should think again before thinking of getting one.

They need regular, almost constant, companionship. Neglect will lead them to developing signs of stress and unhappiness.

#4 Cockatiels


This type of parrot is quieter than other kinds. In fact, female cockatiels are even quieter than males. They can learn to whistle and repeat certain phrases, but will not constantly repeat them like some other birds will. They are relatively low maintenance birds, who need less interaction.

They need a slightly larger cage than other pet birds because they require space to spread their wings and move from spot to spot.

It is important, not just for this bird, to have many different types of perches around the cage so they can rest their feet and avoid straining then.

#5 Budgies

budgie in a cage

Budgies are very colorful pet birds to have. Some varieties can be a patchwork of all colors. Although they have similar, if not better, vocalization abilities than larger pet birds, they will do them at much lower volumes. This is due to their smaller size.

Budgies are actually unable to scream, but will make soft chirping noises that can be a peaceful noise to have around the house.

Remember that a budgie needs to be let out of its cage for a few hours a day. They will often dart around the room very fast, flying from perch to perch.

#6 Doves

pet dove

Doves are a less common choice of pet birds. They are not the usual tropical or exotic colors that other birds, such as parrots, might be. However, doves cannot repeat phrases, screech, or whistle. Instead, they make a soft cooing noise that is not harsh on the ears.

Unfortunately for some, doves make this cooing noise nearly the whole time they are awake.

For some people who do not like persistent noises, this constant cooing can become quite annoying. Although it is persistent it isn’t very loud. Making them a good bird for apartments.

Pigeons are in fact doves, specifically a rock dove. The ones you see in New York City and other major cities just so happen to be well adapted to living and foraging around human developments.

Pet doves are normally a different color than wild pigeons.

#7 Finches

zebra finch

Finches are known for their lovely songs that they make when interacting with each other. They will make a ‘cheeping’ noise that can be very comforting.

Because they are a smaller bird, they are unable to raise the volume. Likewise, they will not screech like some parrots will.

Even having a small flock of finches isn’t likely to raise the decibel meter above normal levels. Something to remember is that finches do not like to be held for long periods of time.

Unlike other birds, they prefer to keep to themselves rather than have physical contact with humans.

Final Thoughts

Although there are no birds that are entirely silent, some birds make much less noise than others. If you live in a small apartment or have to keep quiet, getting a bird that doesn’t screech or recreate loud noises is a good idea.

Some large and loud birds have been known to even recreate the sound of smoke alarms going off, or the telephone ringing. These behaviors, although amusing, can become quite tiresome after a few times.

One parrot actually learned to mimic its owner shouting their spouse asking for a cup of tea. After countless cups of tea were brought in, each spouse thought the other was developing dementia.

In fact, the parrot had been repeating something it had heard, whether it knew the implications or not is unknown.

So, if you want to decide on a quiet pet bird, the list above will surely help you along with the decision.

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