Here are the 6 Reasons your Bunny may be in a bad mood

Is your rabbit depressed?

Death of  a companion

Rabbits are social creature that share strong connections.  Thus, it is common for a rabbit to mourn the loss of a companion which makes them miserable


Seasonal changes

Just like us, rabbits have a hormone known as Serotonin responsible for mood regulation. It is said to be the reason they get seasonal depression though not much research has been done on the same.


Neutering and Spaying

Neutering and Spaying is a surgery operation that seems to get rabbits depressed.  This can last for weeks with loss of appetite, lethargy and sadness being some of the symptoms


ill  Health

Rabbits fall sick too and as expected this will have an effect on their mood. It is essential to regularly take your bunny to the vet for health check ups. 



As I mentioned, rabbits are social creatures. Failing to give them enough physical and mental stimlation or not giving them attention will get them depressed.


Poor  nutrition

It is quite easy to tell when a bunny is depressed due to poor nutrition. He will have general body weakness, lethargy and with little desire to play.


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