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Holland Lops are a type of rabbit that is bred for its small size and large ears. They have been around since the 1800s, but they are still relatively new to many pet owners.

Holland lop rabbits need special care because their diet can be different than other breeds of rabbits.

If you want to make sure your bunny is getting all the nutrients it needs, check out our guide on what rabbit food is best for holland lops! It will answer any questions you might have about how much food they should get or when they should eat it.

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Holland Lop Food Buyers Guide

Certainly, selecting the best rabbit food for Holland Lops can be a daunting task. This is more so if this is your first rabbit. 

It is common knowledge different rabbit food is available in varying recipes, formulas, and packaging.

Not every rabbit food will be a good idea for your Holland Lops bunny.

There are various aspects to consider when choosing food for your rabbit.

The bunny’s age

Age is a crucial aspect to bear in mind when picking food for your bunny. You cannot feed your baby rabbit with the same food you give to the adults. 

These little kittens are delicate and have chewing challenges. As such, giving them adult-formulated diets will harm or even kill them. 

Many rabbit food brands have labels and formulations specified for a particular rabbit age. 

Baby Rabbit Pellets

For instance, a young bunny is in the growth process. Such rabbits require food that is rich in protein, calcium, and fiber. The little kittens require more milk and less dry food. 

When buying rabbit food for Holland Lops, you need to check the labels carefully to ensure what you choose aligns with your rabbit’s age. 

This way, you will avoid harming your Holland Lops bunny by feeding them the wrong food.


The quality of rabbit food should be the basic element during the selection process.

The food you pick must have the right nutritional composition. Your rabbits need to feed on a balanced diet

The best rabbit food for Holland Lops should be high fiber, low proteins, vitamins, and minerals. 

Most importantly, you need to go for food that has small calcium doses. This way, you will take care of their dental development.

Also, the food should be a mixture of pellets and hay. High-quality hay is essential for the rabbit’s digestive system. 

Ensure the pellets are of the same size and shape to make it easier for your bunny to feed. 

Additionally, assess the nutritional composition and ensure it is low fat.

Remember, feeding your rabbits with high-fat diets puts them at the risk of becoming obese. 

As such, pay attention to the quality of rabbit food you are buying, particularly its nutritional composition. 

How much food to feed them

As the bunny owner, it is important to know the amount of food your rabbit should eat. Rabbits are delicate animals.

Unlike other pets in your household, a little mishap on your feeding dose can have a harmful impact on your bunny. 

When choosing  rabbit food, check the recommended feeding amount.

Also, you can consider consulting your veterinarian for information on the right amount for your Holland Lops .  

Rabbit’s health condition

The health condition of the rabbit is another vital aspect. The current state of the rabbit determines what it can or cannot eat.

A pregnant or lactating rabbit will need a special diet from the growing ones. 

For instance, food rich in carbohydrates and proteins is good for pregnant and lactating rabbits.

In addition, you need to go for brands offering essential nutrients that support the growth and development of the fetus while boosting milk production. 

rabbit at the vets

For obese rabbits, you will require food that will enhance weight loss. Some of the best rabbit food for Holland Lops struggling with obesity are grass hays or a mixture of the same.

At times, your bunny may be underweight. These rabbits need supplements or food that will enhance weight gain. If this is the case, you should go for food that has high calories.  

Before choosing rabbit food, ensure you understand the current health condition of your bunny. If you have no idea, consider talking to your vet for a recommendation on the same.

holland lop

Type of food

Rabbit foods vary in type and purpose. You have a choice between whole food and treats. Like in the human diet, whole food contains essential nutritional value.

Treats, on the other hand, are a once-a-while meal. You should not replace whole food with snacks. This action will deny your bunny a healthy and balanced diet.

There are three main types of rabbit food in the market. They are; fruits, vegetables, and hay.

The fruit-based food contains various types of fruits and is high in vitamins. Many brands use fruits such as apples, cherries, pears, or peaches as ingredients. 

Vegetable ingredients are the other common type of rabbit food. This food is essential for the rabbit’s health. 

Vegetables such as basil, broccoli, and carrots are the main ingredients. 

Hay is the other component of rabbit food. It’s essential in enhancing the rabbit’s digestive system due to its high fiber content.    

The best rabbit food for Holland Lops is one that contains a blend of the above ingredients. Feeding your bunny with such food will improve their health.

Size of the pellets

Different brands will make varying pellets sizes and shapes.Some rabbit breeds are comfortable with large pellets. Others will struggle to chew them. 

However, the rule of the thumb is to go for rabbit food with small pellets. The rabbits shouldn’t struggle to pick the pellets with their mouth and eat them.  

Best Rabbit Food for Holland Lops 1

Also, if you have young rabbits, you need to consider the texture of the pellets.

Baby  rabbits cannot bite with the same magnitude as the adult ones. As such, they need pellets that are soft and easy to break down. 

Assess the pellets size before you purchase any rabbit food. Doing this will save you from losing money as you cannot return the package once it’s opened. 

Activity level 

Holland Lops are active by nature. You need to consider this element when choosing food for them.

It’s important to feed them food that supports their active nature. Pick food that offers the right energy levels. 

Food with high-fat levels can be a good idea if your bunny is active and exercises a lot.

Generally, the best rabbit food for Holland Lops is one that offers a balanced diet and all the essential nutrients.

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Final Thoughts

A balanced diet is important for the overall well-being of your Holland Lop bunny. Remember to always provide fresh water in their cage. It is essential for their digestive systems.

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