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long-haired rabbit breeds

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Long haired rabbits are cute, cuddly, and can be fantastic pets. And there are many options to consider. Long haired rabbit breeds can vary greatly in size, color, and the amount of maintenance they require. 

So when choosing the perfect furry friend for your family, think about whether you want a tiny bunny or a larger hare. Do you want one with floppy ears or ones that are more erect? And, most importantly, how much time do you have to dedicate to its care? 

Bunnies, in general, are not able to groom themselves completely. As a result, their long fur must be regularly combed, brushed, and freed from knots. They must also be kept dry to avoid matting. This places long haired rabbits in the medium to high maintenance category.

Here is a little bit more information about the seven most popular long-haired rabbit breeds, along with some adorable photos.

7 Long-Haired Rabbit Breeds we featured:

  1. Lionhead Rabbit
  2. French Angora Rabbit
  3. English Angora
  4. Satin Angora Rabbit
  5. Giant Rabbits
  6. American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit
  7. Jersey Wooly Rabbit

long-haired rabbit breeds

1. Lionhead Rabbit

lion-head rabbit
Long-Haired Rabbit Breed Lionhead Rabbit

This rabbit gets its name from the mane-like appearance of the fur around its shoulders and head. Originally bred in Belgium, the Lionhead has mostly been developed in England. This breed has dense, medium to long fur and upright ears. They can come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Though stocky, with large heads, Lionhead rabbits are on the smaller side with adults rarely reaching a weight of four pounds.

Their soft fur and gentle natures make them excellent pets, but they do require thorough grooming. They also require plenty of room where they can jump around and play.

2. French Angora Rabbit

frnech angora rabbit
The beautiful French Angora Rabbit

Much larger than the Lionhead, a fully grown French Angora rabbit can weigh anywhere from seven and a half to ten and a half pounds. They have medium-length rounded bodies with long erect ears. 

Most notable about the French Angora is its fur, which can come in many colors. These rabbits have thick fur that is soft and fine, which causes them to look like a big ball of fluff. The hair around their face, ears, and feet is shorter.

French Angoras need to be groomed every day to keep their fur looking pristine. They also require a special diet and plenty of space to play due to their large size.

3. English Angora Rabbit

english angora rabbit
Funny fluffy Angora rabbit with silky and soft white wool in a cage.

Smaller than its French cousin, the English Angora rabbit can weigh anywhere from five to seven pounds at maturity. Another difference between the two is that the

English Angora has thick fur covering its entire body, including its face. Of all the long-haired rabbit breeds, many think this one most resembles the typical image of a stuffed toy bunny.

English Angoras require an intense amount of daily grooming due to their thick fur, which can often become so thick it’s difficult to see their eyes. They’re quite energetic, especially considering their size, and can be very affectionate.

4. Satin Angora Rabbit


Our final type of Angora is the Satin variety. As you might guess, this bunny has the same long, thick fur as its counterparts. However, the Satin Angora’s fur is much shinier and softer. Like the French Angora its hair is shorter on its head and feet. 

Satin Angoras are of medium size, averaging between six and a half to nine pounds. They have medium to long ears that stand straight up on the backs of their heads.

Though they do require a special diet and considerable grooming, their fine glossy hair is surprisingly easier to maintain than many other long-haired rabbit breeds.

5. Giant Rabbit

flemish giant rabbit
Not as long-haired as some but lots of hair to groom on these huge rabbits

The Giant Rabbit, as you might imagine, is the largest of the long-haired rabbit breeds. They average anywhere from eight and a half to ten pounds, and their thick fur makes them look even larger. Giant rabbits have a dense undercoat topped with long fur covering its entire body.

Giant rabbit breeds with long-hair include:

  • French Lop
  • New Zealand White
  • Continental Giant
  • Flemish Giant
  • Belgian Hare
  • English Lop

Giant rabbits are rounded in shape with upright ears. All Giant rabbits are white with ruby-colored eyes. They require a special high-protein diet to keep their fur looking healthy, as well as a lot of grooming and detangling. 

Although they’re sweet and gentle, Giant rabbits can cause injury with their claws if they kick their feet while you’re holding them.  

6. American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

american fuzzy lop rabbit

Though not the smallest on our list of long-haired rabbit breeds, the American Fuzzy Lop weighs in at a mere three to four pounds.

These little rabbits have a flattened face, much like a bulldog, and long ears, giving them a cute appearance. They’re also very playful and affectionate.

The American Fuzzy Lop has wool-like fur that must be brushed regularly to prevent matting and knots. They require a special diet, much like that of the Giant rabbit, and need considerable space to exercise despite their small size.

7. Jersey Wooly Rabbit

Jersey Wooly rabbit

The smallest of these long-haired rabbit breeds is the Jersey Wooly, which is a compact little bunny that ranges from three to three and a half pounds. They have shorter hair on their face and ears, which are upright, and longer denser fur covering the rest of their body.

Despite its small size, the Jersey Wooly rabbit is a muscular little bunny. Though they can be cuddly as well, they are generally more energetic than the other long-haired rabbit breeds.

Jersey Wools also have adorable faces with tiny pointed noses and big eyes. Like the rest, they require regular grooming and a special diet. 

Which of these long-haired rabbit breeds is right for you?

Long-haired rabbits are soft, cuddly, and just a lot of fun to pet or play with. As long as you keep in mind the special attention and grooming they require, they’re a great option for any would-be pet owner. With the right amount of love and care, any of these long-haired rabbits could be a great addition to your family. 

Final Thoughts

If the photos alone don’t convince you, swing by your local pet store and pay one of these furry friends a visit. It’s a safe bet you’ll end up taking one home with you.

But just remember long-haired rabbit need plenty of grooming and taking care of. You have a strong responsibility as a long-haired rabbit owner to take good care of them and their fur.

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