Can Hamsters Eat Sprouts? How Many Sprouts and How Often!

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Sprouts are indeed something that hamsters can eat safely. In fact, sprouts have a few benefits for the little guys. Hamsters can eat a variety of fresh produce, veggies and fruits alike. But can hamsters eat sprouts?

Can hamsters eat sprouts? Sprouts are great for hamsters nutritionally. Hamsters absorb a portion of their water from greens and produce naturally, and brussels sprouts are very hydrating. The tender stalks make for a sweet, crispy hamster snack

When it comes to feeding your hamster, it is advised to offer veggies, in particular, a few times a week. Following is a list of veggies, starting with sprouts, that your hamster can enjoy safely.

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FUN FACT: Sprouts Offer Hydration and Nutrition for Hamsters

When feeding your hamster sprouts, it is not advised to cook them. This will cause the sprouts to lose some of their nutrients, and it really isn’t necessary. 

Can Hamsters Eat Sprouts? How Many Sprouts and How Often! 1

Broccoli Is A Crunchy Hamster Snack

Along with sprouts, hamsters should be fed veggies that are crunchy. The teeth of hamsters are always growing, and munching on crunchy foods is one of the ways they ‘nip this in the bud.’ 

The stiff stalks of broccoli are perfect in this way. Broccoli is also a great source of fiber, and beneficial nutritionally. Offer a couple of tiny florets to a Dwarf hamster. A Syrian hamster may have a bit more comparatively. 

You see, Dwarf hamsters are especially prone to diabetes. This calls for a special diet – one high in fiber and low in sugar, ideally. 

hamster eating
Hamsters love Broccoli to eat

Carrots Are Good For Hamsters To Munch On

Like broccoli, carrots are very crunchy! These are a fantastic veggie for a hamster to eat – or rather, grind- their teeth on. As with any fresh produce, be certain to wash carrots before giving them to your hamster to consume. 

Dwarf hamsters may have a tiny slice of carrot, and Syrian hamsters may have a couple of slices. Respectively, the portions should be ¼-½ tsp, up to a couple of times a week. 

Like Sprouts, Cucumbers Are Excellent Hydration For Hamsters

Some pets tend to suffer from dehydration, due to an improper diet or simply age. Hamsters are no exception to this. As touched on earlier, hamsters depend partially on fresh produce for hydration daily. Along with a water bottle, water-dense produce – such as sprouts, or cucumbers – should be offered frequently. 

Cucumbers are beneficial to hamsters in a couple of ways: firstly, hydration, and secondly, they are quite crunchy. This means that cucumbers can both help hydrate your hamster and assist them in maintaining teeth that are healthy. 

Romaine Lettuce Is A Nice Snack For Hamsters

Freshly washed romaine lettuce is something you may offer your hamster once in a while. Up to 3 times a week, depending on your hamster’s size and the rest of their diet, should suffice. Spinach is also okay. 

Avoid overfeeding hamsters any type of food, however; romaine lettuce does have some nutrients and is a fantastic hydration source. Leafy greens like this are similar to what hamsters eat naturally. 

Try Giving Your Hamster Fruit As Well As Sprouts

Of course, your hamster does not need to stick to veggies only. A large number of fruits are hamster-safe, and some are crunchy and good for their teeth as well. The only concern with fruit is its high sugar content, which, in excess, can affect hamsters negatively. 

This goes especially for Dwarf hamsters, which are easily overloaded with sugar due to their diminutive size. All of this being said, in the right serving, fruit can make a lovely treat for your hamster, 1-3 times a week. Just go based on their individual size and judge wisely. 

Hamsters Love Berries

Berries are a hamster favorite. Fortunately, they can eat a variety of berry types safely. Among these are blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. Blueberries should be given to a hamster in portions of 1-3 medium-sized berries, or ½ a large berry. 

Hamsters love Blueberries

To feed your hamster strawberries, cut them thin, small slices that fit easily in their paws. A slice or two should be plenty. 

A hamster can eat 1 medium blackberry or ½ a large blackberry. 

Finally, raspberries can be offered to your hamster in servings of 1-2 berries. 

Berries are one of the cutest things to watch hamsters eat! They color their faces with the juice as they go, munching away happily. 

Some Tree Fruits Are Safe And Tasty For Hamsters

Hamsters can eat not only sprouts, veggies and berries, but some tree fruits as well. These include, first and foremost, apples. ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ applies here, though in smaller servings, clearly.

A hamster should consume a tiny slice (about the size of a thumbnail) of apple, no more than twice weekly.

The seeds should be removed from the apple entirely. This is because they contain cyanide. Seeds should always be removed from apples prior to consumption, for any animal, really. 

Thumbnail-sized slices of pear are also okay. 

Nectarines and peaches are some hamster favorites. Just be sure to remove the pits, and thumbnail-sized pieces are again fine. Remember that this is simply the rule-of-thumb, and that if your hamster is particularly small they should eat less accordingly. 

Hamsters can also eat cherries. These juicy fruits will stain their little chins temporarily; a sight that is really adorable to see. Give them only a small slice of cherry. 

Hay And Sprouts Are Foods Hamsters Eat Naturally

In the wild, like most animals, hamsters eat what is available. Typically in nature, there is a plentitude of greens – including sprouts and hay. 

kaytee hay
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This in mind, feeding your hamster sprouts and hay is a good way to get them back to their roots in captivity. Timothy hay is recommended especially. 

Hay is rich in fiber and is a good staple for hamsters dietarily. Hay, while tender, also provides good friction for hamsters to grind their teeth. 

If you hide hay and sprouts for your hamster to find, be sure to dispose of it shortly after the meal. Otherwise, fresh produce like this can rot easily. 

The Diet Of A Hamster May Contain Protein Sparingly

Specifically, hamsters can eat hard-boiled eggs, tofu, and even lean chicken. Offer these foods to your hamster every once in a while, to keep their protein levels in balance. 

As with any food, whether it be sprouts, fruits, or proteins, test it on your hamster initially. You can do this by offering a sliver-sized portion and waiting a couple of days. If your hamster shows any signs of illness, such as diarrhea, it is best not to feed them this food again. Fortunately, there are many foods that hamsters react to positively! 

Conclusion: Can Hamsters Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Now you know not only how to feed your hamster sprouts, but also other veggies, fruits, and even proteins. A proper diet will enhance your hamster’s longevity. Since their lifespans are not especially long, this is all the more imperative. Avoiding bowel issues, diabetes and nutritional deficiencies is key to offering your hamster a long life. 

Pick out some likely produce, and let your hamster give it a try. There are sure to be many veggies, fruits, greens and proteins, that your hamster will love.

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