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parrots eating a grape

Can Parrots Eat Grapes? ( Size and Portions )

Finding new treats and taste experiences for your pet parrot is one of the really enjoyable aspects of caring for these remarkable birds. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing them enjoy something that they like, but you can have too much of a good thing! You may be wondering if your parrot will enjoy […]

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Best Family Parrots

Best Family Parrots – 5 Parrots that love large families

Parrots can be wonderful additions to your family. But not all breeds have the same temperament. Some birds tend to be more affectionate, and others need a lot more attention and training before they can become great pets. Before you get a new parrot, it’s important to know all about the parrot’s temperament and care […]

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wild parakeets eating

What do Wild Parakeets Eat?

They prefer the green seedheads of grass and secondarily the dried seed. They will also eat vegetation too including tender roots, shoots, plant buds, and eucalypt leaves. You might think the life of a caged parakeet is positively pampered compared to its wild counterpart, but, as you’ll find, wild parakeets are living the good life […]

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macaw drinking

How Much Water Does a Macaw Drink Each Day?

Clean, fresh, water is a must for both man and Macaw. Like us, your parrot’s body is just over 75% water, and to stay at its best your Macaw needs access to a generous water supply. For birds like Macaw’s, water has primacy over food so it’s important you get this right. Read this short […]

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trimming parrots claws

How Long Should A Parrot’s Claws Be?

If you are wondering how long a parrot’s claws should be, you may be seeking to evade an important task that many parrot owners dread. Trimming your parrot’s nails is not for the fainthearted but it is necessary for a parrot’s health.  In their natural habitats, the active lifestyle of wild parrots including foraging, climbing […]

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cockatiel at night

Should Cockatiels Be Covered At Night?

Cockatiels are naturally diurnal, which means that they are active during the day. While they may appreciate a cover for a brief, hour or so-long nap, it should never be left on during the day for any longer. At nighttime, on the other hand, some Cockatiels will prefer a cover. It typically depends on the […]

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canary and finch

Can Canaries and Finches Live Together?

As long as they are similar in size, canaries and finches can indeed live together. If any birds are larger than the others, however, fighting becomes a real risk. It’s also important to provide multiple, species-specific sources of food and water! About Canaries Like Finches, canaries are quite small, at only 3-5 inches in size […]

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Do Toucans Have Predators?

Unfortunately, despite their size and fearsome-looking beaks, toucans do have predators. These are not just on land, but also crawling through the trees, and in the sky. Some of them are the forest eagle, the owl, the boa constrictor, and the hawk.  So, in the rainforest, a Toucan has to watch its back. These clever […]

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toucan eating

What Do Toucans Eat? ( I was shocked at some foods )

Toucans are exotically colored birds, each with an enormous, striking beak. Though they may look fearsome, these beaks are mainly used to forage fruit from the treetops. They also frequently eat insects, and may sometimes eat small rodents, lizards, amphibians, birds, and even fish. Their diet is a bit different as pets, however! A Little […]

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7 Symptoms That Might indicate Your Budgie Is Dying

Pets like budgies play such a big role in our lives that it can be a real shock if something unexpected happens to them. Pet health challenges or the death of a budgie can take owners by surprise as these little creatures often do not display any obvious signs of illness before a disease or […]

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toys for macaws

7 Awesome Toys for Macaws

Magnificent creatures like Macaws need the very best conditions and care to reach their full potential. A big part of maintaining their wellbeing and keeping them active and content is the provision of toys that provide them with sufficient occupation and challenge.  As an owner, you need to provide your parrot with enrichment of their […]

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Birdcage Cleaning Hacks

10 Birdcage Cleaning Hacks ( #2 Is my Favorite)

When you have a pet, you naturally want to do everything possible to keep it happy, healthy, and comfortable. You have probably invested a pretty penny in buying your pet, toys, and other accessories and spent countless hours researching all things relating to your pet.  You want to do right by your bird, but whether […]

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