chickens roosting

What size dowel is best for a chicken roost?

The size of a chicken roost greatly influences the health and well-being of your chickens. While it may seem like a simple choice to make, it’s important to know how the dowel size could end up affecting your chickens while roosting. A proper roost should provide the right amount of space for your chickens to […]

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chickens roosting

Should chicken roosts be round or square?

All chickens need a place to perch during the day and especially at night while they are sleeping. It may seem like a small aspect of owning chickens, however, a proper roost is vital for their health and well being. If you’re confused about whether a round or square roost is best, you’re not the […]

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Chickens eating

Can Chickens Eat Raspberries? ( Healthy diet option )

Raspberries can be commonly found in many home gardens, but is it okay for your chickens to eat them? In short, the answer is yes! If you like keeping your chickens on an all-natural diet, you’ll love all the nutritious benefits that raspberries have to offer your egg-laying friends. Raspberries contain many nutritious benefits and […]

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best poultry bedding

Best Poultry Bedding – Complete bedding guide for chickens

Bedding is an absolute priority for keeping your hens clean, fresh, and disease-free. It may be a no-brainer for some, but selecting the right bedding can make all the difference in quite literally keeping your chickens well. Overlook it and your backyard flock can run into serious problems very quickly!  There are lots of options […]

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hen indoors

Can You Have an Indoor Pet Chicken? ( Crazy idea? )

Chickens are charming, sometimes amusing birds that make great backyard pets. You may wonder, can you have an indoor pet chicken? No, is the short answer. You see, chickens harbor illnesses, like the bird flu, which people can contract. These can make you seriously ill. It would be virtually impossible to avoid contamination with a […]

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chicken in the rain

Can Chickens Drown in the Rain?

If you have chickens, you may wonder if having them out in the rain is a danger. For example, can chickens drown in the rain?  Fortunately, chickens will not drown simply from standing out in the rain. They will not even drown in a downpour. The biggest risk that rain poses to chickens is that […]

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chicken in water

Can Chickens Swim? Do they need to be able to swim

Can chickens swim? A better question may be, ‘should chickens swim?’ While chickens can technically swim, it poses a lot of danger. Chicken feathers only somewhat repel water and are not truly water-proof. This means that chickens dowsed in water will quickly become soaked, and catch a chill. Hypothermia is a strong possibility and can […]

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chicken peck toys

Chicken Peck Toys | Chicken Toys & Accessories

If you are looking for ways to help your flock of backyard hens happy, peck toys are an excellent go-to! Chicken Peck toys not only stimulate your chickens physically but also mentally. Keeping them happy and alert. A sad and unhealthy hen will not produce fresh, tasty eggs. Try introducing peck toys and you will […]

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chicken on a swing

Chicken Perches and Swings | 3 Amazing Products

If you are looking to ‘mix things up’ with your flock of backyard chickens, a perch or a swing could be a very popular addition to the setup of your coop. An empty coop, garnished only with a few isolated feeders and drinkers can get boring after a while, especially if your hens do not […]

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protecting chicken eggs from snakes

How to protect your chickens and their eggs from snakes

Chickens have many predators, and that can be a problem. One of them is the snake, which is a very unexpected and stealthy animal and can often be found in many backyards in certain parts of the world. But don’t worry; here I show you the steps you must take in order to protect your […]

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feeding backyard chickens

Are chickens vegetarian? Should you feed them meat scraps

Growing and caring for backyard chickens is a great experience for pet owners, but one of the most common issues people face when caring for their chickens is their diet—That’s why I want to teach you what they can and cannot eat. Are chickens vegetarian? Chickens are not vegetarians; they are omnivorous animals, which means […]

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girl holding a chicken

Do Chickens Fart? Why and How to Reduce the Smell

Animals farting is often humorous, interesting and actually quite a serious topic as most people want to know if it’s normal for their animal to fart, why they do this and in most cases how to limit or prevent it.  Let’s be honest, farting is a natural, biological occurrence that happens in most animals during […]

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