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Friendly Pet Birds

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Nobody wants an aggressive pet birds, Right? So , I can see why you would want to search and look for the most Friendly Pet Birds that you can buy and keep as pets.

Owning a pet bird is fun if you can teach it to talk, make it sit on your hand and generally interact with it without the fear that it will bite you. Especially if you have young children who would like to play with your new pet.

So, we’ve put together a list of the 7 Most Friendliest pet birds we could think of. There are hundreds if not thousands of friendly birds that we could have added to this list like Doves and Pigeons. But they are not the sort of pet birds most people would or even could keep in a cage in their home.

So, the 7 friendliest Pet Birds below are the ones we feel are most suited to home life and captivity.

  • African grey parrot
  • Budgies
  • Cockatiels
  • Macaws
  • Conures
  • Owls
  • Cockatoos

7. African Grey Parrots

african gray

If you are looking for a sociable and affectionate bird, look no further. The African Gray couldn’t be friendlier. These are considered the most intelligent of all birds, as they can comprehend the most human speech, problem-solve, show spontaneous empathy, and even speak (in fact, they can learn up to 1,000 words).

 African Grays not only expect attention from you, but they will often also endeavor to give support and attention back. Among birds – which tend to be a tad self-absorbed – this makes them quite special.

An African Gray may be perfect for you if you’re looking for a bird who is loyal, who will try to understand you, and who is capable of great love! These all-gray birds have white faces, mottled feathers, and intelligent eyes that are yellow or silver. 

6. Budgies

green budgies

While some birds – the Quaker, for one – are known to sometimes show a bit of attitude, Budgies couldn’t be sweeter. These gentle birds like nothing more than to leave their cages for a while and spend time with their owner (or owners).

They are known to enjoy belly rubs and nestling into people’s hair. Budgies have sweet voices, and chirp, sing, etc.

Like most birds, Budgies are best for people looking for a pet to spend plenty of time with; otherwise, they can become quite lonely (something the poor, sociable fellows have been known to die of – loneliness).

Budgies come in a rainbow of pastel colors, including sky blue, white, gray, pink, green, and yellow!

5. Cockatiels

cockatiel and owner

If you’re looking for a bird with a sense of humor, look no further than the Cockatiel. This good-natured bird loves to play; they will bob up and down, hang upside down, and even wag their tail – all very friendly and charming behavior. They love to be near their owner. Some will even go so far as to hang out on a shoulder.

Cockatiels generally have yellow heads and crests, orange cheeks, and bodies that are mostly dark gray all over.

These sociable birds love to be spoken to, and require plenty of toys and exercise, as well. A happy Cockatiel will dance, mimic noises, cuddle, and can even potentially learn to talk (they will need lots of practice, however).

4. Macaws

Scarlet Macaw

If you’re looking for dedication, one of the most friendly pet birds that you will want to consider is the Macaw. These birds are huge, at 3 and ½ to 4 feet in length, head to tail.

Their tails are very long and elegant, and perhaps their most glorious feature! This tropical bird comes in a variety of colors, including indigo blue with red accents, scarlet, blue-violet, etc.

Macaws will not show much desire for physical closeness with people they do not know extremely well, although they are happy enough to chat with a stranger. For its trusted person or people, the Macaw is said to be dog-like in its affection, and a renowned cuddler! Who knew?

3. Conure Parrakeets

conures parrots

The conure is without a doubt one of the most friendly pet birds you can adopt, as – like many parrot-like birds – they are accustomed to living in a flock.

They look forward to playtime and are known for their immense enjoyment of hide-and-seek. If a Conure likes you, watch out! They might give you a ‘kiss’ on the cheek or mouth with their beak.

This is a sign of great favor. Conures love head-scratches, and the green-cheeked conure is considered the biggest snuggler.

Conures are usually primarily green or yellow, with black, orange, blue, and/or green accents of color.

2. Owls

barn owl

As far as friendly pet birds go, owls may not be the first kind you think of. These big-eyed birds can be quite good-natured, however. For instance, barn owls and snowy owls have been known to make companions that are fairly loyal. To own an owl, you would need to rescue an injured one and might need a rehabilitation license for the sake of legality (double-check the regulations in your state).

Owls usually save their loving behavior for mates and their brood, but it is possible for a human to win the heart of an owl. All that you need is plenty of patience and an owl-friendly snack!

1. Cockatoos


The Cockatoo is one of the most friendly pet birds, even to a stranger. These sociable animals like to say hello (and can even learn to literally say, ‘hello’) to new people, and show off.

In general, they are chatty, they like pets, they like compliments, and – like most birds – they’ll like you even more if you offer them a snack! The most popular cockatoo is pure-white, with a crest that’s bright dandelion-yellow.

If you’re considering a Cockatoo for a pet, remember that they will need lots of attention nearly all of the time, or they can exhibit depressed and neurotic behavior. The more beloved a Cockatoo is, the happier.

Final Thoughts

The friendliness of your pet bird will be partly down to the way you treat them and care for them. Spending time talking to them and building a relationship will encourage trust and therefore make them a friendlier pet bird.

The time you put into caring for your pet bird will be rewarded but love and affection from it.

We recommend you spend at least 15 minutes a day caring and talking to your pet bird.

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