Living Next Door To Chickens

living next door to chickens

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So, if you’re living next door to chickens, what do you need to know? A lot of this will depend on how many chickens your neighbor has and where you live.

Chickens are not the worst pets or animals you could live next door to be any means but there are some things to consider. Especially if they have a male rooster.

But, here are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Can my neighbors have chickens?

Whether or not your neighbors can keep chickens depends on where you live. In some areas, chickens are considered poultry and in other areas pets.

If your town or county allows people to keep chickens, then there’s no reason why they can’t have them.  If you’re concerned, check with your local government to learn what the laws are.

Are chickens noisy and smelly?

Like any other living creatures, chickens do make noise. Roosters crow to identify their location to others. And, they often greet the morning by crowing.

Even if your neighbor has only hens, you can expect to hear some types of noise. They enjoy chattering with each other and make noises when they are happy or if they are distressed.

If your neighbor keeps their coop clean, you shouldn’t notice any odor from your neighbor’s chickens. Living next door to chickens shouldn’t be a lot different from living near a neighbor with a dog.

You hear them back every now and then. But, for the most part, you shouldn’t notice any issues if they are well cared for.

How do you stop a neighbor’s rooster from crowing?

Living next door to chickens often means living next door to a rooster. Not all people will want a rooster with their chickens since it isn’t needed for egg production.

But, they do help protect then hens. There isn’t any humane way to stop a neighbor’s rooster from crowing. It’s an instinctual behavior that marks his territory. And, while they most commonly crow to greet the morning, they may crow at other times during the day.

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Are chickens noisy at night?

Chickens should not be noisy at night. They sleep at night just like we do. However, chickens will make noise when alarmed. If a backyard predator like a raccoon or a skunk tries to get into the coop, they will make noise to sound the alarm.

However, chickens should not make noise at night under most circumstances. They will, however, make noise at daybreak as soon as the sun starts to come up which may be rather early.

If your neighbor speaks to you about having chickens before getting them, you can always ask them to place the coop in an area that isn’t near your home. This will help reduce the amount of noise that you hear the chickens make.

keeping backyard chickens

Do backyard chickens attract rats?

Again, this all depends on how well your neighbor cares for their chickens. Rats are attracted to food so if there is no food source in your neighbor’s coop, they should not be attracted to it.

If they keep the coop clean, collect the eggs every morning, and keep the food in a secure location, living next door to chickens won’t bring rats to your yard.

Chickens are very territorial and have even been known to kill rats when they get too close to their coop. So, you may see fewer rats in the area because of this.

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What will scare chickens away?

Some people allow their chickens to forage in their yard for grass and bugs. And, occasionally they may stray over into your yard because they don’t understand boundaries.

Since chickens forage for food, you may see them scratching in your garden or flower beds looking for things to eat. They shouldn’t cause a lot of damage.

But, if you want to keep them out of your garden, you can dust the area with a strong spice like cinnamon, black pepper, curry powder, or cayenne pepper.

living next door to chickens
Feeding backyard chickens is fun

Living next door to chickens that free-range

If you are living next door to chickens, you may see them in your yard occasionally. They don’t understand the division between one yard and another.

If you don’t want them to visit your yard or garden, the best option is to plant things that they don’t like. You might want to try planting oregano, thyme, lavender, or any variety of mint. Or, you can try scattering the ground with one of the spices mentioned above.

Another option is to consider putting up a fence. But, be aware that chickens may fly over the fence if there’s something they think they want in your yard.

If this happens, you can ask your neighbors to clip their wings. Clipping their wings is painless and will prevent them from flying over a fence as easily.

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How do you stop chickens from pooping on concrete?

For the most part, chickens will not be attracted to driveways and sidewalks. Their natural instinct is to gravitate toward dirt and grass. They enjoy scratching and pecking to find food. And, they like to roll in the dirt to take a dirt bath.

You cannot stop them from pooping where they want to. But, by offering a shady stop in the grass or dirt, they are more likely to hang out there than your concrete.

How do I know if my chicken eggs are fertile

Living next door to chickens has perks

Despite the occasional noise, living next door to chickens can be fun. Your neighbor may want to share their excess eggs with you when they have them.

Chickens tend to lay more frequently in the spring and summer. And, chicken waste makes wonderful garden fertilizer when it has aged a year or two. 

If you’re concerned about your neighbor having chickens, the best thing to do is to talk to them about it. Express your concerns and ask questions. Properly cared for, a backyard chicken or two won’t be any more annoying than a neighbor that has a dog.

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