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Toys for rabbits are a thing? You bet! Bored bunnies are often bad bunnies. Most rabbit owners do understand that rabbits can be a handful.

That said, most of them do not know that these cute furry creatures are smart. They also have not gotten on to the fact that rabbits need to exercise their brains and bodies through play. 

Rabbit Toys

A goldfish might blissfully swim around in an aquarium all day, but your pet rabbit will not act cute and calm when bored. In reality, a bored bunny will chew on inappropriate items around your household.

There are different types of rabbit toys, chews, and playthings out there all designed to meet your bunny’s mental stimulation and physical exercise needs.

These play items will also bunny proof your home and keep your pet’s chewing stimulation in check.

Below are some of the best rabbit play items that you can buy online.

1. Kaytee Perfect Chews for Rabbits

Rabbit Toys | Rabbit Chews, Toys and Playthings 1

One action synonymous with all cottontails is their incessant need to chew. That’s why we love the Kaytee chew toy for rabbits. It’s a part of their repertoire, just as the constant twitch of their noses is.

These long-eared furry creatures spend hours out there in the meadows, woods, grasslands, forests, tundra, and desert natural habitations chewing on grass, cruciferous plants, seeds, bark, roots, and buds.

However, they chomp not only so much just for their nutrition but to keep the continually growing teeth tamed.

They will nibble and grind chewable items on their teeth to wear them against each other, trimming them in the process.

A fantastic chewable toy alternative for captive bunnies is the Kaytee Perfect Chews for bunnies. Voted as the best all-natural chewable rabbit toy by Amazon’s Online Associate Program editorial recommendations feature, this toy has all a rabbit needs for chewing pleasure.

It has a combination of wood, carrots, logs, balls, and a block in brilliant purple, orange, and green colors.

It is one of the best hanging rabbit toys in the market. The Kaytee Perfect Chews for rabbit chewable items has crunchy textures on a wood skewer that has a clasp for easy hanging on a cage or hutch.

It will significantly wear your cottontail’s ever-growing teeth out and satisfy its needs to gnaw. It will also cut down on its boredom by giving your furry friend hours of amazing in-cage entertainment in your absence.

The Kaytee Perfect Chews for rabbits are built from non-toxic wood. It is also pocket friendly.


  • Completely chewable natural pine wood toy
  • Chewable items dyed in animal safe vegetable dye
  • High-quality craftsmanship


  • Fussy bunnies might dislike it or get bored with it too fast


2. Andwe Play Balls For Rabbits

Rabbit Toys | Rabbit Chews, Toys and Playthings 2

In captivity, the rabbit’s urge to chew can be destructive. The bunny off on its own will wander, chew, and ingest materials harmful to it.

Therefore, you have to teach your rabbit the difference between off-limit and chew acceptable items in your home. Some pet owners will give their rabbits safe items such as untreated willow or apple branches or bark to crunch on. Others will give them a cardboard or willow baskets to scrunch on.

A fantastic stopgap item for your pet bunny is Andwe’s small animals play balls, rolling chew toys, and gnawing treats. These rustic looking chew toys are made from water hyacinth, seagrass, willow twigs, rattan, coco fiber, or corn husk making them a safe chew for all bunnies.

Your adorable dwarf Mini Rex or three chins of fat cottontail Flemish giant will love this eight pack of handmade balls. The cage entertainment gear will give your bunny different textures to explore, toss, roll, or bite.

If your pet rabbit is an escape artist, always looking for an opportunity to get out there and chew on everything on sight, buy her or him these chewable toys from Andwe.

They will shred them to bits out of curiosity, keeping their teeth trimmed, and ingesting some healthy fiber in the process. Some pet owners will add some snacks or food pellets inside the ball to encourage some exploration and interest in their pets.

Pet owners that have used these chew toys say that the pack smells like fresh hay, attracting even the pickiest of rabbit pets. 


  • Natural fiber hand-made products
  • Completely chew-safe
  • Great value


  • Some bunnies might not like them


3. JanYoo Bunny Chew Toys for Rabbits

Rabbit Toys | Rabbit Chews, Toys and Playthings 3

Rabbits can be extremely playful, and they appreciate playthings that complement their sporty nature. We picked the JanYoo bunny toys for variety. I’m sure in this bundle that is suitable for rabbits and Guinea Pigs your bunny will like at least 1 or 2 things in this pack.

If you leave your rabbit alone for hours on end with little to stimulate their intelligent nature, they will seek alternative ways to capture your attention while entertaining themselves through destructive chewing.

If your rabbit is eternally bored and physically inactive, they will eventually become overweight, depressed and in the worst-case scenario, develop the deadly ileus.

On this account, rabbit toys are a fundamental part of a pet bunny’s wellbeing. However, play items that will captivate rabbits are not that easy to find.

Like many pet owners, you have probably also come to realize that while there are tons of rabbit toys out there, very few of them are budget-friendly or of high quality. Fortunately, there are the JanYoo assortments of toys to fill the gap.

This bunny chew toy pack has seven different toys that include bark bell rollers, a square molar block, watermelon balls, a unicycle, a dumbbell, and some stalky apple tree branches.

They make this amazing combination of toys from natural woods and are high temperature treated to ensure that they are safe for your cute Snowball.

If your rabbit is lonely and needs pastime fun and exercise activities, the JanYoo bark bell rollers and dumbbell will give them hours of rolling and nibbling activity.

Most bunny pet owners say that their furry friends cannot resist the apple tree chew sticks. The good people at JanYoo have infused these delicious chew toys with natural and pure oils rather than pesticides for preservatives. 


  • Pesticide-free toys package made from natural organic wood
  • High temperature dried for safety
  • Chewable and exercise-friendly play toys


  • They cover some play items in glue


4. Niteangel Fun Tunnel For Rabbits

Rabbit Toys | Rabbit Chews, Toys and Playthings 4

Rabbits love to dig. These whiskered digging machines that grace meadows and backyards have sharp sturdy nails designed for tunneling. Out in the wild, cuddly cottontails live in vast underground communities.

The Niteangel fun tunnel will make them feel at home.

Here, these burrowing masters will engineer complex and extensive chambers with plenty of exits and entrances. The rabbit has front paws that are very effective at digging, and they use them to scrabble and scratch at dirt for hours on end.

Countless flowerbed and lawn owners have been at the receiving end of these proficient and natural plow devices, which make short of all their beautiful work when given half a chance.

Rabbits have evolved to dig using their underground warren as hiding places from their diverse predators, which include wolves and foxes. They not only love to build their burrows, but take time to maintain them as well.

The Niteangel Fun Tunnel is the perfect play accessory for rabbits because it whets their natural burrowing appetite. The tunnel is convenient, colorful, and exciting for bunnies.

You can buy it in blue, pink, or purple, so you match it to your bunny’s cage or hutch décor. The Niteangel tunnel is foldable and has a 5.9-inch wide opening. It’s perfect for chinchillas and dwarf rabbits.

It can extend to a 31.5 inches in length and you can flex it to any shape or simply place it on the floor of the cage for your bunny to burrow in or run through it.

The tunnel will make a standout crackling sound as Bunn-Bunn runs through it for extra interactivity. The fun tunnel play pack includes three balls designed for nibbling and playing. Your bunny can roll and nibble on the trio endlessly and safely.

The Niteangel balls are big and have a variety of textures and tastes for the picky and curious bunny.

Some pet owners have said that the tunnel might be hard to clean out since its ridges have a tendency of holding on to compacted poo. On the other hand, other say that since it is made of plastic, it is easy to clean with a power jet and hose as long as you do it regularly.


  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Encourages exploration, and tunneling amongst small animals
  • Stain-resistant plastic


  • Difficult to clean
  • Not suitable for large rabbits


5. Prevue Hendryx 1098 Nature’s Hideaway Grass Tunnel Toy

Rabbit Toys | Rabbit Chews, Toys and Playthings 5

Rabbits naturally love burrowing and exploring. This grass tunnel by Prevue is just the perfect plaything for your bunny in the house. It mimics its natural habitats outdoors which makes it all the more fun.

The tunnel toy will make an ideal hideaway spot for your rabbit. The activity center is made of hand-woven natural grass so your small pet can chew on it all they want.


  • It had 3 exit points
  • It is sturdy so it doesn’t fall apart easily.
  • Constructed from natural couch grass


  • It is best for small sized bunnies

6. Toilet roll tubes

Toilet roll tubes are cheap and always available in every household. Don’t just throw them away if you have a rabbit. Add them to your bunny’s play things.

Your rabbit will have fun chewing and tossing the rough cardboard. Fill them with hay to make them even more fun. It’s also a great way to add in important fiber in your bunny’s diet.

Toilet rolls are also inexpensive toys as rabbits easily get bored with any type of toy pretty fast. When they do, toss in the toilet roll in the dustbin and give them a newer one.

Add some creativity to play time by staking the toilet rolls and letting your bunny to knock them over. You little furry friend will enjoy the game and time spend with them.


  • Toilet rolls are free and your rabbit will love to play around with them
  • Stuff them with hay or some treats and make them more fun

7. Prosper Pet Rabbit Tunnel

Rabbit Toys | Rabbit Chews, Toys and Playthings 6

With three exit/entry points, the prosper pet rabbit tunnel will give your bunny hours of exercise and fun. Your pet can easily run through or hide inside.

Constructed from sturdy polyester that is well wrapped around a steel frame, these rabbit toys can stand constant biting and scratching. Since the toy is made of a sprung-steel frame, the center doesn’t collapse easily like most other pet tunnels.

It quickly folds down to a compact size for ease of storage and travel. Carry your pet’s favorite toy anywhere with you, so you can keep him busy all the time.

It comes in lots of colors and patterns, therefore, you will find something that blends in with your house décor.


  • Provides hours of entertainment for independent toys
  • Stores easily-collapsible
  • Premium quality


  • The crackly lining may not be great for anxious pets


8. Niteangel Treat Ball, Snack Ball for Small Animals

Rabbit Toys | Rabbit Chews, Toys and Playthings 7

Rabbits are wee greedy creatures. They love to eat and often, their owners get concerned about death via overeating. A rabbit can eat itself to obesity if you allow it.

The Niteangel snack ball is a great way to introduce play into their feeding habits and playtime fun.

Pet owners will tell you that their bunnies are always on a lookout for food. If you give them their pellets every morning and salads in the evening, they will still chew on grass hay in between their meal hours.

In fact, your pet rabbit will probably beg for a slice of carrot or lettuce on its hind legs in the kitchen should they find you preparing your meal. This is in spite of the fact that they have just had a heavy meal.

Rabbits being herbivores spend a lot of time in the world grazing and foraging. You need to supply them with unceasing amounts of hay and vegetables to meet their incessant need to eat. You also have to ensure that their meals are healthy and green.

Let them have 85% grass hay and fill up 15% with fruit, vegetables, and pellets. However, your Snowball will overeat if you serve them too much food.

Rabbits love high-calorie foods and will pick them over healthy items if allowed to do so.

Unhealthy eating habits can lead to health problems such as heart disease, obesity, tooth decay, urinary tract infections, and GI.

Since your bunny is naturally food motivated, you can take advantage of this phenomenon, channel it to playtime, and exercise activity. The Niteangel treat ball is the perfect play toy for the bun that loves their pellets a tad too much.

It has an adjustable gap for treats that you can fill up with your fluffy’s favorite treat or kibble.

The rabbit will spend hours on end rolling it about for the treats inside it. Occasionally a treat will fall out, much to the delight of your whiskered pal.

The treat ball encourages active play and will wear out an active rabbit as it pushes it around and nibbles. The adjustable gap can hold herbs, diced carrot, or dried fruit for a change of snacks. Use its different settings to manage the flow of treats.


  • Interactive play activity
  • Adjustable treat dispensing opening
  • Encourages movement and exercise


  • Not so easy to clean


Conclusion: Best Rabbit Toys

Your pet rabbit needs a lot of time with you. Entertain and play with Bunn-Bunn to mitigate his biological urge to chew on any item that he can get his little paws on.

Get right down to Snowball’s level and allow her to jump or nap on you and to check you out. Take your time, go nose to nose with your cottontail, and give them a kiss as much as you can.

They will love you for it. Buy these fantastic rabbit toys, chews, and playthings to keep them happy, active, and binkying in your absence.

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