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Giving your chicken treats is an excellent way to diversify their diet. If you’re planning to feed your chicken grapes as their treat for the day but aren’t sure if they are safe, this article is for you.

Chicken are not picky eaters; their food preferences are quite varied.  When given in moderation, grapes are some of the best treats for your flock.

Can chickens eat grapes? Grapes are laden with the B, C, and A vitamins that are good for growth, reproduction ad boosting the immunity of the chicken. Grapes also contain trace elements of copper and calcium. The little cluckers will be very happy to have a treat of the juicy morsels.

Chickens and Hens will also need oyster grit to help them digest their foods. Read our article on this topic here!

How to feed chicken grapes?

If you’re feeding chicken grapes from your vineyard and are confident of their safety, you can go ahead and feed them to the chicken they as they are. If the grapes are store-bought or sourced elsewhere, ensure that you have cleaned them to wash away any pesticides.

Do not worry about the stalks; the chicken can pick the grapes with the stalks on them. In cases where there are greedy chickens among the flock, they will compete and fight for the treats.   Make sure that you have enough grapes to go around.

Feeding a large flock at once may also cause competition and possible pecking. Feed larger flocks in more feeders to reduce competition. Crush or chop the grapes up into smaller pieces since the chickens can’t chew. Grapes are too round and too big for a chicken’s little mouth, especially if they are trying to keep the delightful morsel from being snatched out of their beaks.

It’s easy for the birds to choke if they accidentally gobble up the whole grape instead of picking on it. Reducing their size also makes them easy to digest. Remember to add some grit when feeding the chicken the treats to aid digestion.

How many grapes should you feed the chickens?

Too much of anything is bad—even for chickens. Generally, chicken treats should not be more than 10 percent of their daily nutrition to avoid compromising their health and egg quality.

Ninety percent of chicken food should comprise complete feeds to keep them well-nourished and healthy. Complete feeds offer a well-balanced diet for chickens.

We feed our backyard chickens Dried meal worms as a treat and Organic daily feed for their main staple diet.

Although grapes are healthy treats, take caution on how much you give the chickens at any time. Grapes are high in sugar content and should only be given to the chickens, not more than thrice in a week.  

When you’re giving your chicken a high protein feed, grapes can be an excellent nutrition addition. If your chicken feed on more grapes than necessary, they may develop obesity, which affects their fertility and the quality of eggs. In addition, too much intake of grapes may also cause the chicken to overfeed and not consume their daily recommended protein feed.

grapes: can chickens eat grapes

Can chicken eat raisins?

Raisins are dried grapes, and they too can be awesome chicken treats. As with non-dried grapes, the chicken should be given raisins in moderation. If they are processed, they may contain harmful additives and preservatives; wash them before feeding the chicken.

Raisins are naturally sweeter than grapes and can cause obesity in the chicken if given in large quantities. Overweight chickens may get joint and mobility problems and have decreased fertility rates.

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Can chicken eat grape leaves and vines?

If the chickens love to free-range in an orchard and you worry about them eating the grape leaves and vines, don’t be. Chickens can eat grape vines and leaves as long as they have not been sprayed with insecticides.  However, this might be rare, especially where grape seeds are available. Chickens prefer scratching and pecking to pulling the bark off a vine.

More chicken treats

Treats are a fantastic way to spoil your chickens and have them clucking in delight and gratitude. However, they should only be given in addition to their daily recommended nutritional feed. 

Limit the treats and do not feed them to the very young chicken. Waiting for a couple of weeks helps them get accustomed to what is healthy and proper to eat before getting the snacks. Giving them a variety of foods keeps them healthy and is a good recipe for making the delightful eggs that you love. 

Apart from grapes, here are some healthy treats that your flock can enjoy. These can be given on alternate days with grapes to cater to the chickens’ nutritional needs.


All fruits in the family of berries are a good option for chicken treats. You can rotate grapes with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries for variety. 


There’s a lot for the chickens to choose from a pumpkin.  Raw or cooked pumpkin, as well as the seeds, are a wonderful nutritious treat. Pumpkin seeds contain vitamin E and zinc. They also boost the chickens’ immunity and act as a natural dewormer.

Cruciferous vegetables

Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower make wonderful chicken treats as they are healthy and don’t have to be limited like grapes. Raw vegetables are the best as they have all the vitamins untouched. Hang a leaf or bunch of these vegetables in the chicken coop to make it more fun.


Packed with vitamin A, calcium, and potassium dandelions are excellent additional treats.  The more tender the leaves, the more the chickens enjoy them.

Are grapes toxic to chickens?

Grapes are not toxic to chickens. They make a great treat for your flock in moderation.

Should I cut grapes before feeding them to my chickens?

Yes, you should cut the grapes in half, or even quarters before feeding them to your chickens. They don’t chew their food, and they can easily choke on a whole grape.

What foods are toxic to chickens?

Citrus fruits, avocados, and uncooked beans all contain toxins that can make your chickens sick.

Is bread good for chickens?

Don’t replace your chicken’s entire diet with bread, but bread can be used as a treat for your chickens. Try to avoid breads with a high sugar content, and never give them moldy bread.

Can chickens eat grape tomatoes?

Yes. All types of tomatoes are a great snack for chickens. They contain antioxidants, fiber, and plenty of vitamins. Only give your chickens ripe tomatoes because green tomatoes contain solanine which is a harmful chemical for chickens.

Conclusion: Can chickens eat grapes?

Grapes are juicy morsels that can make delicious and nutritious treats and are a healthy addition to your chicken feed. Make a delightful grapes recipe by mixing the grapes with raisins and dried berries.

Treats are an excellent way to keep the chickens happy and obedient. When you make it a habit to give chickens treats every once in a while, they learn to come when called.

Chicken generally know what’s bad for them and avoid any food item that is likely to harm them. While grapes are a wonderful treat for your chicken, keep them away from other farm animals such as dogs.

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