rabbit with owner

How Good Is A Rabbit’s Memory? ( You’ll be surprised )

Most people see a rabbit and imagine that these are rather simple creatures that don’t have much going on upstairs. If you have recently adopted a bunny, you might be wondering whether your pet will remember you and how good her memory is and you may be surprised at just how well rabbit’s minds work….

Best Rabbit Hair Clippers

Rabbit Hair Clippers (Buyers Information)

If you have a long haired rabbit like an Angora Rabbit or a fuzzy lop rabbit then you’ll understand the need for electric hair clippers. Our rabbits are free-roaming rabbits in a secure grassed area safe from predators. Which is lovely for them, However, it’s not so good for their fur. You will often see…

rabbit paw pads

Do Rabbits Have Paw Pads? (Potential Paw Problems & Solutions)

Rabbits have paws that are completely devoid of any pads. Owing to the absence of pads, their paws need an extra bit of protection as they are extremely susceptible to injuries and infection. However, most breeds of rabbits contain a furry covering on their paws that fulfills the need for paw pads to some extent….

Holland Lops

Best Rabbit Food for Holland Lops

Holland Lops are a type of rabbit that is bred for its small size and large ears. They have been around since the 1800s, but they are still relatively new to many pet owners. Holland lop rabbits need special care because their diet can be different than other breeds of rabbits. If you want to…

rabbit clippers

Best Rabbit Nail Clippers (Electric and Manual)

Rabbits do suffer with their feet if not taken care of correctly. Just like Humans they need some TLC from time to time. Conditions like Sore Hock is a constant worry and can be made worse by poor living conditions. Their nails will also need to be trimmed. This is a process that you can…

dog and pet rabbit

Do Rabbits and Dogs Get Along?

Rabbits and dogs do not typically get along. However, a calm or well-trained dog may be able to get along with a rabbit without any problems.  Many pet owners have multiple pets. I know we have, everything from fish, a dog, rabbits and two Guinea pigs. If you love pets it’s hard to have just…

rabbit in snow

Can rabbits live outside in winter?

Rabbits are adorable and beautiful animals. They are super-fast, love to get into your garden, and can make great inside pets. But what about rabbits out in the wild, or if you keep your rabbit outside? Can they live outside in the winter and be okay? Rabbits are perfectly suited to outdoor conditions and cold…

rabbit per carrier

Rabbit Carriers (Top 5 Reviewed 2022 )

Looking to buy a rabbit carrier? You might be wondering what to look for when buying a rabbit carrier. There are many different types of carriers and they can vary in price, size, and material. It’s important to know which type you need before making your purchase! Rabbits are fragile creatures that require special care….

Baby Rabbit Pellets

Baby Rabbit Pellets (Buyers Guide) 2022

Are you looking for the best pellet food for young rabbits? The best pellets to feed a baby rabbit are ones that have been specially formulated with their needs in mind. These pellets should be high in fiber, low in protein, and contain plenty of calcium and other minerals. They should also not contain any…

Can Rabbits Drink from a Bowl

Can Rabbits Drink from a Bowl ( Bowl or Bottle? )

You have a pet rabbit or maybe you’re thinking about getting one. Because you’re a responsible pet owner, you want to make sure that you’re taking proper care of your little furball. You know that it’s essential to keep your bunny happy and healthy, but what’s the best way for you to meet his need…

white rabbit

White Rabbit Breeds | 7 White Pet Rabbit Breeds

When I think of cute pet rabbits I think of little furry white rabbits. You know the sort. The ones that feature in every easter bunny picture ever taken or childrens story. Right? Well, thankfully there are many different species of White Rabbit Breeds to choose from. Many white rabbit breeds make perfect pets, but…

rabbit playing with toys

Rabbit Toys | Rabbit Chews, Toys and Playthings

Toys for rabbits are a thing? You bet! Bored bunnies are often bad bunnies. Most rabbit owners do understand that rabbits can be a handful. That said, most of them do not know that these cute furry creatures are smart. They also have not gotten on to the fact that rabbits need to exercise their…