What is a Group of Gerbils Called?

group of gerbils

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A group of hamsters is called a clan, and it’s made up of the family of a primary, mated pair!

Are Gerbils Sociable With Each Other?

While hamsters are notoriously territorial, gerbils are actually very sociable with one another. In fact, they are much happier in a group or pair.

A solitary gerbil will be quite lonely, and prone to overeating and misbehavior. There are over a hundred species of gerbils in the wild, and these little guys like to stick together! 

Out in nature, gerbils live in groups of 2-15. These groups are made up of the posterity and other relatives of a single mated pair. Hamster families may groom each other, play, and display other cute and friendly behavior.

Why is a group of gerbils called a clan?

Perhaps because they are made up of little families, a group of gerbils is called a clan. Gerbils are seldom without mate or clan. This often a mixed basket of siblings, children, nieces, and nephews, etc.

In the wild, these clans will spend their time foraging for food, grooming, breeding, and they can even be quite playful. As pets, a small gerbil clan can be a lot of fun (not to mention adorable).

They will play with toys, scurry through tunnels, and even box and roll around with each other!

What is a Female Gerbil Called?

Female gerbils are known as does. They tend to live shorter lives than the males, as breeding really takes a toll. As pets, it’s advisable to breed your female gerbils as infrequently as possible.

Generally, a female gerbil will give birth to 4-7 babies, although, depending on their age and health, they could also give birth to as many as 10 or as little as 1.

Compared to male gerbils, female gerbils may sometimes have trouble getting along with each other. Most gerbils tend to get along, however.

What is a Male Gerbil Called?

Male gerbils are called bucks. Obviously, these fellows should be kept separate from any females unless they are first neutered; otherwise, you won’t be able to keep the breeding in check! 

Without any females around, male gerbils tend to get along well, and can be kept in a group or 4 or a pair. 

What is a Baby Gerbil Called?

A baby gerbil is called a ‘pup,’ which is a fitting name for the plump babies that appear. They look just like brand new puppies in a litter. Like puppies, gerbil pups are extremely helpless and dependent on their parents for the first few weeks.

You’ll want to be sure to take your pregnant hamster, and then her babies, to a veterinary checkup. This will make sure 1) that all is normal with the pregnant doe and 2) that the fragile babies don’t become sick.

So, the next time you see a group of gerbils, you’ll know what to call it: a clan of gerbils. You’re unlikely to find a gerbil without a clan, ever!

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